Why SEW Bespoke Tailors of NYC?

When picking a tailor, Choose experience. First impressions cannot be changed if you are wearing an ill fitting or poorly constructed custom made suit. We have time on our side, yes, over 100 years of family owned Custom Suit stores. We started before World War 2! Our first factory store was in Europe. Our first NYC shop was in Brooklyn in the 1940’s. Our first NYC shop in Manhattan was 2007. There is no type of suit, jacket or shirt that we have not made hundreds or many thousands of. SEW has dealt with every body shape, Muscular, Tall and lanky, Short, Stocky, Portly, Super fit. Every demand has been made and it has been produced. Weddings? Thousands over all our years. Business suits? Too many to count.

Custom Bespoke Suits are in our blood. NYC counts on us for their sartorial needs. Always be the best suit in the room!