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What area in NYC can one get fine custom tailored suits?

What area in NYC can one get fine custom tailored suits?

I want the equivalent of London’s Savile Row

 Best Answer:  In response to your question, and your request for a Savile Row equivalent, there are only a handful in New York City that qualify to be a Savile Row equivalent. Be vary of tailors who advertise “bespoke” or “hand made”, but end up outsourcing their tailoring services overseas to Italy, Hong Kong, Canada, Upstate New York, and Tennessee. Way too many tailors in New York outsource to companies in those places I mentioned. A suit made in another country or state by a tailor you have never met simply is not going to fit as well as a suit made by local tailor.

If you’re paying for “bespoke” or “hand made”, ensure it will be made locally in New York City. At Park Avenue Tailors (http://www.parkavenuetailors.com), we have several grades of workmanship. Our highest grade of workmanship, our Full Canvas line, is hand made in New York City, using the same standards as Savile Row in London, England. Our premium line qualifies as a true “bespoke” suit and is in par with suits found in Savile Row.

There are several premium bespoke suit retailers on the 57th Street stretch between Park Avenue and Sixth Avenue. Look for them in premium street level shops, and upper level private shops. We are located at 445 Park Avenue, at the corner of 57th Street and Park Avenue. You may call us at 877-784-8796 to schedule an appointment. Check out the videos on our website as well.

Good luck.

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  • Ronatnyu
    Alfred Dunhill of London Elegant custom-tailored men’s clothing from suits to accessories in English style reflecting the traditional respect for the etiquette of formal dressing 711 Fifth Ave., Midtown……………………………… 212-753-9292
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