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Thread – Looking for recommendations on where to buy a suit in NYC

Due to some traveling constraints I find myself out of my hometown and needing to buy a suit. Unfortunately I have no idea where to even start looking here, and am finding it a bit overwhelming. I’ll be here for a few weeks, so I should have time for proper measurements. My budget is only $200-600.

Suit Supply. Their $399 blue line suits are some of the best values sub-$500.

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[–]gipsyking33 25 points 

Suit Supply is always good- they have several locations in midtown and lower Manhattan

I personally prefer J Crew suits, which a comparable quality to Suit Supply and right in your price range. Also several locations in Manhattan.

Cheapest option would be Macy’s brand, but you’re giving up quality.

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[–]Quegqueg 11 points 


Best looking suit I own. In your price range, and I believe better than Suit Supply. I liked the Madison Ave location.

[–]TransManNY 4 points 

I was going to recommend them too.

[–]MacBookPros 1 point 

What would a price range be for a decent suit from them??? I was always curious about going into the one on Wall Street. But assuming based on the location and the people who go in there ($$$) that the prices would be in the 1k plus range

[–]christophturov 4 points 

look up portabella on Fordham road. the shit there is really nice cheap and they’re nice guys there. You can also haggle on prices if you need to.

[–]ryder_die 1 point 

Can confirm. Bought 2 suits from them and they tailored them for free

[–]philchen89 7 points 

at an even lower end than what people are suggesting, Banana Republic is having a sale right now, you can get a monogram suit for under 200 right now. I would never pay retail for it, but it’s not bad at this price point. They’re having 40% off on top of sale prices

[–]infinidox 1 point 

I thought the F&F sale didn’t apply to Monogram?

[–]philchen89 1 point 

i’m not sure if it’s the f&f sale, but i tried putting it in my cart and it was def 40% off

[–]timmyhens82 3 points 

I’d recommend My Suit on Madison- it’s basically made to measure, the same price as Suit Supply and you can get a second set of pants for a little extra. I can’t recommend 2 pairs of pants enough.

[–]kickstand 5 points 

If you want to go frugal, it’s quite possible to get a good name suit in a thrift shop and get it altered to fit, for a fraction of the list price.

[–]thor_barley 2 points 

Enzo or a traveling tailor like Nita Fasions (google them bc they’re in town this month). Suit supply is worth a look but their cheap suits are basically off the rack with adjustments–bespoke gets expensive v fast and might not be good for your body type. Also some of their guys are good and some are a fucking joke. Soho seemed much more competent than midtown east.

[–]jlpjlp 6 points 

How can bespoke not be good for a body type? That is the whole point in bespoke, they make a pattern for you. Of course house style comes in to play, but it would with any other suit.

[–]thor_barley 1 point 

Sorry if not clear. Suit supply’s cheaper suits are not bespoke. They are pre made and extensively tailored for the customer. This won’t work for everyone.

[–]soupcancooloff 1 point 

Check out Sarar They have a location in midtown and Fidi

[–]casinpoint 1 point 

Like the others are saying, suitsupply. I’ve owned at least six suits and the one I got from them is the best. They’ve a good in house tailoring service which you should make use of to get that perfect fit that’s so important in a suit.

[–]amouthfulofchesthair 1 point 

Check out knot standard. They have a studio near Madison sq park I think.

[–]FuckOffMightBe2Kind 1 point 

Burlington coat factory. Burlington is where you go for all coats and suits. Clearance rack on fleek. I went in the other day and bought 2 nice suits in my size (and 100% wool) for 175$.

Obviously you have to get them tailored but still, well worth the digging.

[–]thatsrealneato 1 point 

Bonobos has great suits. They should have a store in NYC where you can try it on for fit, then they order it online for you and you get it in two days. Personally I find their fits fantastic (I’m pretty skinny and like slimmer fits). Got a very nice suit there for around $500.


I bought one from SuitSupply last year and am picking up a new one from Enzo on Monday. The experience at Enzo alone was worth the extra, if you can even call it extra. I paid around $500 for my SuitSupply suit with tailoring and tbh, thought it was awesome until I realized later on that there definitely were subtle mistakes made. I still really like it and wear it quite often for work but am excited to test drive my first bespoke suit on Monday. Enzo was very extensive with their measurements and the whole process took an hour. I paid a little over $600 for the bespoke suit, custom shirt, and hand woven silk tie. The process was also quite educational and I think I’ve learned a lot more about how a suit should fit properly. I will follow up on Monday after I pick it up!


Crap. I’m an idiot. I didn’t read the context before commenting. Enzo does take more than a few weeks to complete and even requires a scheduled appointment to ensure the fit is correct. I would agree with others regarding Banana Republic and/or JCrew for the best bang for your buck and instant turn around time.

[–]BronxLens 1 point 

Century 21 (take 4 or 5 train to Fulton St.).

[–]InTylerWeTrust24 1 point 

I’ve heard great things about Black Lapel. I think they have a showroom in NY where you can get fitted

[–]Flooopo 1 point 

Indochino is great. They have a showroom in SoHo, go there to get measured and it’s all pretty easy.

[–]ckamin5 1 point 

Checkout Indochino. They have a few stores around the city that you can walk into to get fitted in person.

[–]donredd -1 points 


[–]arefinedruffian 2 points 

Zara suits are a terrible investment…I work in the industry and I can tell you anything that’s mostly held together with glue (fusing) is not worth the money. When purchasing a suit there are a few ways to go about it.

1.) A high quality off the rack suit, constructed with canvas that is sewn NOT FUSED

2.) A custom suit or ” Made to Measure” option, constructed with the same specs (canvas construction, no fusing)

3.) True Bespoke: A suit that is made entirely by hand. Suits of this nature take the longest to produce and are usually the most expensive.

Now Fabrics: Suits are graded by super number, while some may suggest purchasing or having a suit designed for you out the gate with a high super number (a more luxurious delicate fabric) I would ask you to ask yourself how exactly you’ll be wearing such said suit. Is it a daily driver for work? Is it for a special occasion? A wedding? What season will you be wearing it most during? Would you like a suit that you can roll over season to season? Half Canvassed? Full Canvassed? Full Floating Canvas?

Not to mention styling details!

My apologies Gents. I’ve been working in the industry for a long time and I always want my own clients and new friends alike to be informed. If you ever have any questions drop me a line.

-A Refined Ruffian

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