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Custom Bespoke Suit Sale NYC

Custom Bespoke Suit Sale NYC

NYC’s most experienced Custom Suit and Shirt tailor is running a great sale! Use this post as a $200 discount off your first suit (any suit over $995) 

Choose from the worlds finest fabrics – Guabello, Vitale Barberis, Tessilstrona, Filarte, Drago, Reda, Loiro Piana, Dormeuil, Harrisons…..

We are Manhattans premier custom clothier with 100 years of family experience and know how. Our deft sense of style will serve you well. all sizes , cuts and fits are honored. Featured in NY Magazine Best Bets

Custom Bespoke Suit Promotion Midtown NYC

Custom Bespoke Suit Promotion Midtown NYC

Come visit us for our Custom Bespoke Suit Promotion Midtown NYC.

You will find a broad array of custom suits, jackets, tuxedos and shirts for your selection.

Sew Bespoke Clothing is a leader in tailored clothing for men and women.

Since 1948 we have been engaged in the business of bespoke tailoring, tracing our roots to pre-war Europe.

Our fabric selection is without peer, featuring Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis, Guabello Tessilstrona, Harrisons and  more!

You will receive a perfect fit that is exceptionally well made, with a nod toward fashion.

So whats the promotion??? Buy a package of two Custom Suits and receive FREE 3 Custom Shirts!


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Custom Suits Of New York City

Custom Suits, Shirts, Tuxedos, Coats Of New York City. Custom Suits from $995

Welcome to Sew Bespoke Clothing, NYC’s premier custom clothier.

We are specialists at wardrobe consultation for all industries, rest assured your selections will be work appropriate.

You will be carefully guided through the fabric selection process:

a. fabric weight is VERY important for comfort

b. fabric density is very important for durability and breath-ability

c. color is very is super important and pends on industry, personal taste and skin tone.

d. pattern or no pattern is a cornerstone decision, plaids, stripes, mini weaves, all are impactful.


Weddings, Brides and Grooms

Best Custom Bespoke Suits In NYC

Best Custom Bespoke Suits In NYC

A bold statement? Maybe. However we have confidence in our line of custom suits, shirts, tuxedos and coats.

Our Custom Made Suits are very accessible as our starting price is $995 for our associate brand and up to $4500 for our partner brand.

Our fitter has 30 years of experience and is a specialist in all fits, sizes and cuts.

Come in for a free consultation, it is informative and eye opening. You will view our full selection of designer fabrics, all available cuts and quality levels.

Sew Bespoke Clothing is conveniently located near Grand Central and Rockefeller Center.


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Best Custom Suits NYC

There are many Bespoke Custom Suit Tailors in NYC. Many of them are decent, we are a bit better.

We offer a “step up” in knowledge, expertise and style.

Our experience(3 generations) level is among the highest in the industry.

Family owned and operated in NY since 1948.

We offer expert level advisory in industry specific dressing- finance, Law, Insurance etc.

Great selection of gorgeous fabrics from leading designer manufacturers.


Bespoke Custom Suits, Handmade

Custom Suits NYC: Loro Piana Fabric

Sew Bespoke Clothing has been engaged in the business of Custom Bespoke Suits, Shirts and Tuxedos in NYC since 1947. We are amongst Manhattans most experienced and knowledgeable tailors.

With a full range of suits starting at $1100 to over $4000, we can suit anyone’s taste and needs.

Located in the center of Midtown, just blocks from Rockefeller Center and Grand Central Station we are easy to find.

Our 14th floor showroom is bright and accommodating, sporting an expansive view of this great city. Comfy couches, Great music and a Full bar to make your experience beyond pleasant.

We have literally thousands of fabrics from every designer of England and Italy.

All cuts and fits accommodated, Super Trim, Full Cut, its your pick.

Call 212-686-1630



Weddings, Brides and Grooms

Your Guide – Be Ready For all Events

Your Guide – Be Ready For all Events by Kelsi Trinidad : Custom Suits NYC

Another invite and another attempt to decipher the sometimes daunting dress code. With categories like White Tie, Black Tie, and Lounge, it can be overwhelming and confusing at times. Whether it’s charity gala or a formal wedding, dressing the part doesn’t have to be a cryptic task.

Black Tie The words “Black Tie” may conjure up memories of high school dances, but now that you are all grown up, this type of affair is a bit more involved than renting the generic polyester tux set from your local suit emporium (gross). When you attend the company awards nights, your sister’s formal wedding, or charity event that calls for Black Tie, it’s important abide by the rules to look your best. You don’t want your peers to get the impression that you’re as clueless as a pimply teenager. A classic black tuxedo is still the standard at these events. The typical tuxedo jacket has a single button and is single breasted with a satin peak lapel and no vent. A black bow tie and black patent leather oxfords are a must. Optional additions to the basic tuxedo include a simple (usually white) pocket square or an elegant opera scarf if you’re feeling a bit spry.

Black Tie is the most commonly used dress code for any polished event and knowing how to dress for it is a great weapon to have in your arsenal. A variation on the traditional Black Tie dress code is Warm Weather Black Tie which features a white jacket instead of black and is sometimes called upon for summer formal events. Formal or evening weddings, company awards dinners, and some private dinners are all occasions that may require you to don a tuxedo.

Black Tie Optional

The fact that the word “optional” is in the title is only begging for confusion. A host may choose this dress code if they want to be considerate of the fact that not all guests may have a tuxedo. At these events, it is acceptable to forgo the tuxedo (if you absolutely must) and opt for a polished black suit. However, if you have the means, we still encourage you to wear a tuxedo of some sort. Because of the precarious nature of the word “optional,” we suggest you to contact the host if you need clarification.

A Black Tie Optional event is still formal in nature but it has slightly more relaxed rules for attire. A tie is still necessary and so are your polished black shoes. Accessories can be used to express personal style. Instead of a bow tie, you can opt for a necktie with a handsome tie bar or a classy lapel flower. Tie bar placement is key, so if you are a tie bar rookie, check out our ultimate guide to tie bars. You’re most likely to run into this category at weddings, stylish events, formal dinners, and galas.


Black Tie Creative

This variation on the standard Black Tie category allows the party to get started with a little festivity. Black Tie Creative is an opportunity to showcase your personal style in terms of color, accessories, and collar and lapel style. You may opt for the uncommon shawl lapel or a slim cut tuxedo in a dark saturated color like midnight blue or maroon. A colored jacket, colored wingtips shoes, or a brightly colored bow tie are all fair game in this category. Even going with a black shirt instead of white can add subtle creative flair. Although this dress code offers flexibility, it is important to keep in mind that if the event is “Black Tie” at all, no matter how festive or creative it is, it is a formal event and your sartorial modifications should still honor a the formal atmosphere of the event. Keep in mind that wearing a standard tux or an ensemble with “black tie optional” qualities is also perfectly acceptable.

A variant of the Black Tie Creative dress code is Festive Black Tie. How you should dress to this occasion depends on the given situation or theme of the party. The most common example of a Festive Black Tie event is a company Christmas party, but there are infinite ways to twist it and that depends on the host. Fun themes like “Black Tie and Boots” call for wearing a bolo tie with a tuxedo or sporting a Western-themed tie or cufflinks.

Lounge A Lounge dress code event maintains formality while allowing for the integration of more color and options into your look. Tuxedos are totally out of the picture for this dress code. A suit in a dark, neutral color such as classic black, navy, or gray is recommended. Take a little liberty with your lapel and collar style as Lounge attire is less strict than the other formal dress codes. Polished shoes are not necessary and both black and brown shoes work. If you are feeling adventurous, mix in a pastel colored shirt or a subtly patterned tie to give your suit character. Pairing a skinny tie with a nice tie bar can give your Lounge outfit a modern edge. This category can be worn to daytime formal parties or business dinners.

Gone is the dread of another invitation with a dress code! Now that you are seasoned in formal dress codes, take a little liberty when you can and remember when you shouldn’t. The age-old rule of thumb has not changed, it’s better to be overdressed than under-dressed.

Suit being hand cut in NYC

Tips to Make Your Business Suit Stand Out

Tips to Make Your Business Suit Stand Out by Clarissa Caouette, 11/2017

There’s something about wearing a well-fitting suit. It lifts your spirits, bolsters your confidence and makes you feel as if you’re ready to do anything, including the hard stuff. The old idiom, “The suit makes the man” holds true even today. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best when is wrote, “Being perfectly well-dressed gives one a tranquility that no religion can bestow.” The suit is a classic way for a man to show the world that he knows his stuff and he’s someone to be taken seriously. But more than that, the comfort and confidence that a made to order suit gives a man is priceless.

Your suit is key to getting attention and being taken seriously, but your suit may have similar elements that keep you in the background. There are three tips to make you stand out in your suit. Throughout the last 400 years, the suit has changed in some ways, but in others, it’s still a similar style. This is called a classic style that has the look and feel of timeless strength and brings a different way of thinking. It will change the way you think and the way you act in the world. Think about Iron Man’s Tony Stark, when wonder what a well-fitting suit will do for you.


There’s nothing that says, “I don’t know how to dress” than owning an ill-fitting suit. A suit like this tells influencers you don’t want to take the effort to look sharp. If you don’t want to put that sort of effort into your personal appearance, then you may not want to make an effort on the project your prospect is considering you for. So, how can you do this? Use made to measure, made to order, or bespoke tailors to get the exact fit for your body type. Tailors have adjusted their business to accommodate the on-the-go male and found ways to get you into the suit that will make you feel like Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair.

The suit should fit well at the neck-line, shoulders, and waist. It should not be loose in the thigh or bunch too much at the shoe. The classic colors are still the best. Suits in darker shades of blue, navy, or steel grey work very well for a base. Two piece suits work well for more casual engagements. A three-piece suit gives you the option to take off your jacket and still have a cover that fits well and is coordinated to the overall look.

Use color judiciously Splashes of color help your suit stand out. If you have a front pocket, use a silk handkerchief to add a splash of color to your suit. If you have a two-piece suit, wearing a Scottish Cashmere sweater underneath gives you a classic look with a silky soft feel and look. In cooler weather, adding a scarf will also bring attention to you and your suit.

The best fitting shirt under your suit is also key to making sure you look well-groomed and confident. Shirts made of pure cotton wear well and for a long time. The type of shirt you’re looking for is crucial to making your suit stand out. Do you want a button-down collar with a standard tied tie? Or would you rather use a mandarin collarless shirt with no tie to show others you are willing to think outside the box? These key decisions will help you create your own style and make your suit create a memorable impression.

The well-dressed man garners far more attention and respect than the poorly dressed man. The end product of your style shows distinction and discrimination of taste. The classic look in suits has made a comeback and is rising in popularity. And with it is the chance to stand out as the uniquely male model of your standards and values. A well-fitting, beautifully accessorized suit tells the world and those you want to impress that you are man of taste who won’t compromise on craft or value to bring your skill set to the job.

The best tip is to choose your own path to your own look. That’s why the well-made suit is making a resurgence in popularity. Because the world is looking for men to stand up with distinction and purpose and show the world their unique self. Custom Suits NYC represents the market and process for Custom Made Clothing in Manhattan, NY. The segment includes Custom Tailored Tuxedos, Custom Made Business Suits, Bespoke Wedding Attire, Hand Made Custom Shirts and more, much more.

New York has been a hotbed of hand tailored manufacturing since the early 1900 industrial revolution. However since most of the commercial manufacturing left NYC from the 1970’s -1980’s we are now left with a niche manufacturing base that is very adept at tailoring Custom Made Suits. Keep in mind that these facilities of production are not the towering images you may have in your mind of a “factory”. Think instead of a large work room with 10-60 artisanal tailors practicing their craft on an assembly line of sorts. The pattern maker, the cutter, the canvas setter, the sleeve setter and so on.

A modern factory is a cacophony of ethnicity’s and nationalities working together as a team to craft these garments. The days of mass immigration of skilled tailors from specific nations such as Italy has long passed. Now Italians, Dominican, Turkish, Ecuadorian and so many more work side by side, It is a beautiful thing to see.

The Wasserberger family has been producing their garments in NYC since way before it was hip or cool. It was always impressive, the care, the passion, the nationalities, the time invested and of course the pride in the finished product of a shirt, suit, pants tuxedo etc.

So Manhattan NYC has maintained its style and fashion perch for many decades. How many other cities around the world would you WANT to buy a custom suit from? So yes NY as the fashion Capital of the world is also the Custom Clothing Capital! Walk the streets from Tribeca to the Upper East Side and you will see a dizzying array of Custom Tailored Suits being worn by Lawyers, Bankers, Rockers and Artists. Enjoy the view and when you are ready to flash your sartorial side, come to Sew Bespoke Clothing. We will be waiting, Tape Measure in hand!

Bespoke Custom Suits, Handmade

Always Be The Best Suit In The Room

Make it your policy, It is our mission to make you “The Best Suit In The Room”

Sew Bespoke Clothing is a leading purveyor Custom Suits and Bespoke Shirts.

We are amongst the most experienced tailors in New York City.

Our brand of Hand Sewn Bespoke Suits and Shirts have been gracing the backs of Men and Women since 1948.

Using old world tailoring techniques, now melded with technology create the perfect fitting garment.

Featuring a full roster of designer fabrics from Italy and England, our selection is unlimited.

Come to our Midtown, NYC showroom to select your custom suit, custom shirt or custom tuxedo.

Call 212-686-1630 or book below.


Hand Sewn Bespoke Custom Suits : Manhattan NYC

Sew Bespoke Clothing comes forth from one of the leading and most experienced families in the custom tailoring world. Designing and building Custom Suits in NY since 1948. Harry Wasserberger moved to NY from Europe and opened his first shop in Brooklyn.

Today we are right in the middle of Midtown Manhattan, designing and building our unique brand of clothing for Men and Women. Suits, Sport coats, Tuxedos, Shirts, Raincoats and so much more.

Always keeping up with the trends of the day, all the while maintaining our old world tailoring techniques. Our New York sewn suits are cut by hand, a true rarity.

We have measured thousands of Men and Women, Come see why so many have chosen us as their “go to tailor”

We are by appoint only so please call 212-686-1630 or use the form below.