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Custom Suits & Shirts NYC, Best of the Best

Rated Best Custom Suits In NYC

Rated Best Custom Suits In NYC

Yes SEW was voted into the Best Of New York edition of New York Magazine.

We enjoyed the honor and continue to provide “best of the best” in custom suits, shirts and tuxedos.

Make us your choice and book an appointment today, we would love to have you.

Our associate brand of custom suits start at $995 and our partner line starts at $2500

We carry all designer fabrics from Italy and England, loro Piana, Dormeuil….




Custom Bespoke Suits NYC

Custom Bespoke Suits right here in Midtown NYC,  Just blocks from Grand Central and Rock Center

As one one of the most experienced Custom Tailors in Manhattan, You can count on us for the perfect fit.

Not many Custom suit makers can lay claim to being a 3rd generation tailor, we proudly hang our hat on that!

Experience however is not enough, we bring design skills and fabric alertness to the table. we know the right fabric for you and recommend appropriately.

Sew Bespoke Clothing features hand made in NYC suits, it is our most popular option.


Weddings, Brides and Grooms

Best Custom Bespoke Suits In NYC

Best Custom Bespoke Suits In NYC

A bold statement? Maybe. However we have confidence in our line of custom suits, shirts, tuxedos and coats.

Our Custom Made Suits are very accessible as our starting price is $995 for our associate brand and up to $4500 for our partner brand.

Our fitter has 30 years of experience and is a specialist in all fits, sizes and cuts.

Come in for a free consultation, it is informative and eye opening. You will view our full selection of designer fabrics, all available cuts and quality levels.

Sew Bespoke Clothing is conveniently located near Grand Central and Rockefeller Center.


Custom Suits In NYC Since 1948

Custom Suits In NYC since 1948

Looking for a New Tailor? You’ve come to the right place.

Thank You for finding us and we are glad to find YOU as well!

No conjecture here, This family has been engaged tailoring custom suits In NYC since 1948.

Family patriarch Harry wasserberger first opened on St Johns Place in Brooklyn in the Spring of 1948.

In those 70 years we have accumulated vast experience in the art of tailoring.

Some of our most important takeaways:

  1. Always respect what the clients vision is.
  2.  Help the customer make an educated fabric decision(heavy, light, soft, sturdy)
  3. Explain the different fits and cuts available, the pro’s and cons.
  4. Understand the purpose for the suit, Business or Pleasure. (we are well versed in appropriate attire for all industries)
  5. Colors- Yes some people look better in certain colors- we are helpful here too.

New York’s Premier Custom Shirt & Suit Maker

Custom Bespoke Suits & Shirts Midtown Manhattan NYC

Voted Best Of NY Magazine For Custom Shirts In NYC

Come see what makes us among the best. Experienced measurement taker(no newbies here!)

30 years of shirt making knowledge. We have listened to and fulfilled every imaginable style request.

Unlimited selection of cottons, from Albini, Thomas Mason, Canclini.

No limit on collar and cuff styles.

Mother of Pearl buttons on request.

Full selection of colored buttons and buttonholes.

Personalized monograms available.


Custom Coats NYC: We are not just suits!

Sew bespoke brings to you an awe inspiring selection of custom bespoke coats in any and all fabrics.

The coat above is a 22 ounce Scottish wool in a pea coat style, it is sure to keep you warm through the coming fall and winter!

We feature cloths from all the leading European mills. Cashmere’s, Wool twills etc.

Sew bespoke tailors trench coats and the finest rain coats in the world!

Book an appointment today to ensure having your coat when needed.


Bespoke custom Suits

When It’s Time To Dress Better For Work : Custom Suits NYC

There comes a time in most careers when your attire is called into question or just looks tired and needs to be updated.

Sew Bespoke Clothing, Experts in the field of Custom Suits, Shirts, Tuxedos and Sport Coats is here to work with you.

We have experience dressing professionals in all industries. This provides us with the knowledge to advise on the appropriateness of different types of dress.

Sometimes it is easy to freshen your wardrobe with a new batch of Custom shirts or a New Navy blazer. Others feel they need to start from scratch.

We would like to assist you in any and all sartorial and or bespoke decisions.

Bespoke Tailored Suits by NY's Leading Tailor

Suit up! Dressing up for work makes you think like a leader

Suit up! Dressing up for work makes you think like a leader

by Meghan Holohan

Want to manage a new project or move into a leadership role at work? Consider slipping into a suit — or at least more formal clothing. A recent study cited in The Atlantic finds that people who don formal business attire think differently than those dressed in jeans and flip-flops.

How I Met Your MotherThe cast of “How I Met Your Mother” perform the musical number Girls Vs. Suits, on the 100th episode.

“We usually think about how what we wear affects how other people perceive us, so the first interesting thing is that our clothing affects us as well,” writes Abraham Rutchick, an author of the paper and an associate professor of psychology at California State University, Northridge, via email.

Rutchick and his colleagues conducted six experiments where they looked at how clothing impacted how the wearers felt and thought. In four experiments, subjects reported how the clothing they wore made them feel; they then participated in a cognitive task. People who felt they were dressed more formally demonstrated an increased ability to think abstractly.

“Wearing formal clothing makes us feel more powerful, which brings with it a sense of more social distance from other people. Power and abstract processing have been repeated linked to one another in literature,” says Rutchick.

There’s little evidence in the literature about why power and abstract thinking are linked. Rutchick speculates that people who run businesses, for example, might need to think abstractly while employees who need to carry out the day-to-day work need to focus on the details.

“Keep in mind it’s not necessarily ‘better’ to think more abstractly. It means more broadly, creatively … but also in a less detail-oriented way,” he says.

In the other two studies, Rutchick asked students to bring two sets of clothes to a lab — a set to wear to class and a set to wear to a job interview. Interview attire varied greatly with women most often wearing dress pants and blouses and men wearing ties or full suits. The researchers randomly directed students to wear one set of clothing and participate in cognitive tests. Again the more formal the clothing, the more a person thought abstractly.

“The clothing we wear really can influence what we think and even the way we think,” says Josh Davis, author of the forthcoming book “Two Awesome Hours: Science-Based Strategies to Harness Your Best Time and Get Your Most Important Work Done” and director of research and lead professor at NeuroLeadership Institute, who was not involved in the study. “It does lend some support to dress for success.”

While Davis believes that the paper shows that an outfit can change a person’s thought process, he agrees with the authors that dress isn’t a magic bullet.

“It can do that. It doesn’t mean that it will do that,” he says.

Davis says there aren’t many studies on how clothing primes thought, but it is an emerging area of research. Interestingly, a 2012 study found that when people wear a white coat associated with doctor’s they pay more attention to detail.

Rutchcick also looked at whether formal wear became less powerful if people wore it regularly. No matter the frequency, wearing a suit fostered a particular way of thinking.

“Putting on a suit (even if habitual or routine) brings with it the adoption of a certain mindset,” he says.

Best Custom Bespoke Suits NYC

Yes, that is quite a boast. But that is our goal, to deliver the finest most well tailored custom suits and shirts to our clients.

WHY CHOOSE US? Our combination of experience, knowledge, style an value will win you over.

Since 1948 we have been tailoring for thousands of New Yorker’s – join our ranks today!

We use the finest cloths from the worlds best mills. Our showroom is comfortable and located conveniently in Midtown.

Our suits start at a very reasonable $995. Our shirts start at $175

Come in for your no charge consultation, let us show you how we do it.

best custom suits in nyc

Affordable Custom Bespoke Suits in NYC

Our daily mission is to provide the highest level and most affordable custom suits and shirts in NYC.

It is not an easy chore, there are many competitors, some provide quality, many do not.

We are Manhattans most experienced fitters and tailors, we wear that badge proudly.

Since 1948 our family has made suits in NY, yes 70 years of knowledge accumulated.

All cuts and styles are sewn to exact specifications, we are the “listening “tailor!