Bespoke custom Suits

Custom Suit Seminars-Midtown NYC

Sew Bespoke Clothing invites you to sign up for our in person “infomercial”. The subject is Bespoke custom suits, shirts and tuxedos.

Learn from one of the most experienced fitters in the industry. A 3rd generation custom clothier with experience in all aspects of tailored clothing. Get insights on all the different types of fabrics that are available to you. Find out how suits and shirts are first formed into patterns and then cut from the actual fabric. Finally learn first hand the construction techniques of a true Bespoke garment.

Want to learn the difference from made to measure to bench made? The difference between made in china and Made in NY?

You are in the right place and we would love to teach and help.

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Made To Measure Suits NYC

Custom Suits Tuxedos and Shirts in NYC

Sew Bespoke Clothing is a leader in the sizzling hot market for Custom Suits, Shirts and Tuxedos in NYC. Based in Midtown Manhattan we are conveniently located for easy shopping.

Since the early 1900’s the Wasserberger Family has been engaged in the business of fine Custom Tailored Clothing. Originally in Brooklyn, now in Manhattan since 2007.

Our Hand Made Bespoke Suits have been made in New York from the beginning, way before it was considered cool to do so. Much has changed in the world, But our Clothing is made the same way. Local tailors in a small shop, Sewing with care and love.


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Custom Trench Raincoat NYC, Bespoke Suits and Shirts Manhattan

One of our newest and coolest creations. Sew Bespoke’s Custom Trench Rain Coat. Inspired by the streets of New York and tailored locally this may just be the most dapper ever. Tailored of fine Italian Merino Wool Backed by a Rain and Wind Resistant Membrane. The amazing part is that the membrane breathes so that when you get warm, sweat and extra warmth is allowed out!

BRILLIANT?? Yes , But thank the engineers at Reda Fabrics for this awe inspiring component.

Yes, all Custom made for You in a dozen colors, Lining configurations, lengths etc.

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Made To Measure Suits NYC

Custom Suit Sale Midtown MYC

Our Custom Bespoke Suit Sale is only available here. This page must be printed out or screen shot on your phone. Come participate in New York’s leading Custom Tailors Spring Suit Sale. You will love and soon be addicted to our Gifted Custom Shirts, all made locally!

Here it is:

Buy 2 Bespoke Custom Handmade Suits


5 Shirts or One Pants is Free

This custom suit sale is based out of our Midtown NYC office. This sale is real but can not be combined with any other offers or certificates. Our promotion features handmade in NY, full bespoke suits using premium designer cloths. The shirt package included sells for $1400-$1500.

Made To Measure Suits NYC

Custom Suit Seminars in NYC

Come in for your own “infomercial”. Our designer and fitter a third generation practitioner of fine tailoring will go over all the fine points of Custom Bespoke Clothing.

We love educating on the facts and details involving the making of a true Bespoke Custom Suit, Tuxedo or Shirt.

Points covered:

Construction, discuss all the old school and new school techniques, shortcuts being taken by many new school tailors.

Fabrics, what do all the super numbers mean(Super 120’s)? What is important? Types of textures and weaves. The NEW stretch fabrics.Which mills are the most reputable?

Fit, What fit works best for your body? What fits to avoid?

Cuts and Styles, Single Breasted? Double Breasted? Super Trim? Full cut?

Come discuss all these points and more on the road to your selections!


Handmade and tailored in beautiful blue fabric

Custom Wedding Tuxedo Suits In NYC

Custom Bespoke Wedding Suits, Tuxedos and Shirts from scratch.

Weddings are our specialty, We have done hundreds in our long history.

We understand themed, location and dress code events.

Experienced in all styles and cuts, from mild to wild.

Full selection of designer fabrics, we have it all.

Custom Suits, Tuxedos and Shirts all produced locally.

We use old school tailoring techniques, all jackets are fully canvassed.

Experienced and knowledgeable tailors and fitters

We are ” listening” tailors , we accommodate all fit and style requests.

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Dark Custom Linen Suit NYC

Bespoke Custom Suits Tailored In NYC

Sew Bespoke Clothing is among the finest makers of Custom Tailored Suits in NYC. We are conveniently  located between Grand Central and Rockefeller Center in Midtown.

We have 3 generations of custom suit experience and knowledge. Since 1947 the Wasserberger family has been producing Custom Clothing for thousands of New Yorkers.

Our suits have been made in NY for many years before it became “cool” to do so. Harry Wasserberger the founder and former family patriarch reportedly said “Why Make them anywhere else?”

Using old school techniques melded with high technology of the new millennial we produce fine Tuxedos, Shirts, Suits and Overcoats. We wish to make you a client, so you can always “BE THE BEST SUIT IN THE ROOM”

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Bespoke Tailored Suits by NY's Leading Tailor

Custom Suit Sale NYC

Sew Bespoke Clothing of Midtown NYC is pleased to announce our Custom Suit Sale.

This sale includes our Hand Made Bespoke Custom Suits.

For those that do not know, our hand tailored suits, tuxedos and shirts are among the finest this city has to offer.

Made in NY using local craftsmen and employing old world techniques we can guarantee the quality of our garments.

We feature Dormeuil, Holland and Sherry, Scabal and others, the list is too long to print.

Our fitter taking your measurements has 30 years of experience and knowledge.

So Whats The Sale You Ask?



How much do our suits cost? It is up to your selection. These made in NY suits start at $1795.

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custom made vintage style nyc jacket

Family Custom Tailored Suits Since 1947 In NYC

The Wasserberger family has been in NYC making Custom Suits, Custom Shirts, Custom Tuxedos since 1947. Before that in Berlin starting in 1930. So Yes our lineage is long, but somethings remain the same since the beginning. Yes we offer Fully Bespoke Suits, but Bespoke is a relatively new word in custom tailoring lingo, really coming into vogue in early 2000’s.

1.Quality hand made construction.

2.Family style customer service

3.Experience, is always the first word in custom tailored Suits.

4.Style, It’s in the blood. We are experts in color and pattern matching

5. Do not sell what will not look great on the client, honesty is the best policy.

We are  not part of the new breed of “custom” clothiers, using dubious factories and fabrics to produce the cheapest suits, shirts or tuxedos is  not our thing.


Dark Custom Linen Suit NYC

Handmade Custom Suits NYC

We all know Custom Bespoke Suits, Shirts and Tuxedos NYC are the way to go when building or improving your wardrobe.

To really achieve a masterpiece, worth of the title “BEST SUIT IN THE ROOM” you must have it handmade, preferably in New York City. The talent level of our artisanal workpeople is hard to match anywhere in the world.

All of our suits, From our entry level selections to the most costly are constructed with a full canvas construction technique.

Our experience delivering the proper cut and fit can only be achieved over years. Style is our strongest point, a sense of style can not be taught, We have it in our blood as 3rd generation custom clothiers and stylists.

Fabrics? Limitless, but in a good way, we have cut away the ‘fat” and only offer refined cloths from the most esteemed designers.

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