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How Much Does A Custom Tuxedo Cost?

How Much Does A Custom Suit Cost? Great Question! There are many answers. Where do you want your tuxedo sewn? China or USA? What fabric do you want? Designer brands or generic? Do you want a fused or canvased jacket?

The basic answer is our Custom Bespoke Tuxedos start at $1095 Are there options? Yes Are some more costly? Yes

Come in to our Midtown showroom so we can show you all the different fabrics and styles available. Our experience and knowledge is above and beyond with 3 generations of know how in the business of custom suits, shirts and tuxedos.

Best Custom Suits IN NYC?

Best Custom Suits In NYC? This is a very popular google search. You found us because we ARE among the best. Featured in NY Magazine in “The Best Of” edition. We can be counted on to consistently provide top notch service and clothing.

Since 1947 our family owned business has been providing custom suits, shirts and tuxedos to New Yorkers and tourists. We welcome you aboard!

Three generations of custom tailoring experience has taught us alot. Listen Respect Honesty

You will be guided through all the steps of bespoke tailoring. Fabric selection Measurements Discussion of fit and cut Pet peeves (everyone has them)

Custom Bespoke Suit Sale NYC

Custom Bespoke Suit Sale NYC

NYC’s most experienced Custom Suit and Shirt tailor is running a great sale! Use this post as a $200 discount off your first suit (any suit over $995) 

Choose from the worlds finest fabrics – Guabello, Vitale Barberis, Tessilstrona, Filarte, Drago, Reda, Loiro Piana, Dormeuil, Harrisons…..

We are Manhattans premier custom clothier with 100 years of family experience and know how. Our deft sense of style will serve you well. all sizes , cuts and fits are honored. Featured in NY Magazine Best Bets

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Custom Suits NYC

Custom suits ,shirts, tuxedos in our midtown NYC showroom. Shop in our comfortable and super convenient location.

Suits start at $995 for our associate brand and $1955 for our partner brand.

We are NY’s most experienced tailor. Three generations of knowledge and know how.

Our selection of fabrics is unending and professionally curated by the worlds finest mills. Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Vitale Barberis, Guabello, Tessilstrona….

We are the “listening tailors”, Yes we actually listen to your requests and cut any and all styles & sizes.

Custom Suit Sale NYC

Custom Suit Sale NYC – Sew Bespoke Clothing offers up a great promotion to round out the holidays. We have a great selection of IN Stock fabrics for suits, Jackets and Trousers. Cashmere, Italian wool’s, Linens, Corduroy, British wool’s and more. These are all one of a kind and many VINTAGE fabrics that can not be found anywhere but here!



We are New Yorks most experienced Bespoke custom tailor, dating back 3 generations. 100 years of cumulative knowledge and know how. Come experience the difference. Our comfy, modern and very convenient Midtown Manhattan showroom awaits you.

Custom Suits NYC

Custom Suits NYC – Custom Shirts NYC – Custom Tuxedos NYC

Custom suits, Bespoke tuxedos, Hand made shirts, Casual and dress pants – We do it all, anything and everything custom.


All suits are fully canvassed – No glue here – No shortcuts

We are featuring Guabello, Vitale Barberis, Loro Piana, Dormeuil fabrics – these mills are the best the world has to offer – You are invited to our Midtown NYC showroom to view our collections.


Bespoke Custom Suit Sale NYC

Bespoke Custom Suit Sale NYC – Sew Bespoke Clothing – Manhattans premier custom clothier offers the most legitimate custom suit sale.              

Best Value, Best Quality, Distinctive Styles, Gorgeous Fabrics!

All by NY’s most experienced Bespoke Tailor – with 3 generations of family experience in the custom tailoring business our knowledge is unsurpassed.


CUSTOM SUITS START AT $995 and go up to $4995

A Chill Is In The Air: Flannel Custom Bespoke Suit NYC

Custom Bespoke Suits NYC

Autumn is fully upon us, the air is chilly, there is early morning frost!

As purveyors of Custom Bespoke Suits, Shirts and Coats, We are here with a gentle reminder.

Now is the time for placing your orders, Don’t feel left out when you see colleagues and friends sporting their new fall suits, in flannel, tweed, corduroy…

We at Sew Bespoke Clothing stand ready with a tremendous selection of fabrics to craft into your new suit.(jacket or coat)

Our selection includes Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Vitale Barberis, Guabello, Reda, Tessiltrona, Harrisons, Thomas Mason, Albini, Porter &Harding, Huddersfield, and more.

Being among New York’s most experienced and knowledgeable tailors brings the clout and know how you expect.

All cuts are offered, whether you prefer the standard very trim suit of today, or a more relaxed fit from yesterday, It will be respected and we will listen to your desires.



Bespoke custom Suits

What Is A Reasonable Price For A Custom Made Suit In NYC?

It is a very popular question for those in the hunt for a Custom Made or Bespoke Suit in NYC.

There is no sure fire answer. You will find a broad range of prices and quality on google search.

There are basically two types:

1.Hand cut and hand sewn(starting at $1695)

2.Machine cut and machine sewn(starting at $995)

Either choice should ALWAYS include a full canvas jacket and canvas waistband, NOT Fused.

Bespoke custom Suits

When It’s Time To Dress Better For Work : Custom Suits NYC

There comes a time in most careers when your attire is called into question or just looks tired and needs to be updated.

Sew Bespoke Clothing, Experts in the field of Custom Suits, Shirts, Tuxedos and Sport Coats is here to work with you.

We have experience dressing professionals in all industries. This provides us with the knowledge to advise on the appropriateness of different types of dress.

Sometimes it is easy to freshen your wardrobe with a new batch of Custom shirts or a New Navy blazer. Others feel they need to start from scratch.

We would like to assist you in any and all sartorial and or bespoke decisions.