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Best Custom Suits IN NYC?

Best Custom Suits In NYC? This is a very popular google search. You found us because we ARE among the best. Featured in NY Magazine in “The Best Of” edition. We can be counted on to consistently provide top notch service and clothing.

Since 1947 our family owned business has been providing custom suits, shirts and tuxedos to New Yorkers and tourists. We welcome you aboard!

Three generations of custom tailoring experience has taught us alot. Listen Respect Honesty

You will be guided through all the steps of bespoke tailoring. Fabric selection Measurements Discussion of fit and cut Pet peeves (everyone has them)

Custom Suits NYC

Custom Suits NYC – Custom Shirts NYC – Custom Tuxedos NYC

Custom suits, Bespoke tuxedos, Hand made shirts, Casual and dress pants – We do it all, anything and everything custom.


All suits are fully canvassed – No glue here – No shortcuts

We are featuring Guabello, Vitale Barberis, Loro Piana, Dormeuil fabrics – these mills are the best the world has to offer – You are invited to our Midtown NYC showroom to view our collections.


Bespoke Custom Suit Sale NYC

Bespoke Custom Suit Sale NYC – Sew Bespoke Clothing – Manhattans premier custom clothier offers the most legitimate custom suit sale.              

Best Value, Best Quality, Distinctive Styles, Gorgeous Fabrics!

All by NY’s most experienced Bespoke Tailor – with 3 generations of family experience in the custom tailoring business our knowledge is unsurpassed.


CUSTOM SUITS START AT $995 and go up to $4995

Bespoke custom Suits

What Is A Reasonable Price For A Custom Made Suit In NYC?

It is a very popular question for those in the hunt for a Custom Made or Bespoke Suit in NYC.

There is no sure fire answer. You will find a broad range of prices and quality on google search.

There are basically two types:

1.Hand cut and hand sewn(starting at $1695)

2.Machine cut and machine sewn(starting at $995)

Either choice should ALWAYS include a full canvas jacket and canvas waistband, NOT Fused.

Suit being hand cut in NYC

Tips to Make Your Business Suit Stand Out

Tips to Make Your Business Suit Stand Out by Clarissa Caouette, 11/2017

There’s something about wearing a well-fitting suit. It lifts your spirits, bolsters your confidence and makes you feel as if you’re ready to do anything, including the hard stuff. The old idiom, “The suit makes the man” holds true even today. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best when is wrote, “Being perfectly well-dressed gives one a tranquility that no religion can bestow.” The suit is a classic way for a man to show the world that he knows his stuff and he’s someone to be taken seriously. But more than that, the comfort and confidence that a made to order suit gives a man is priceless.

Your suit is key to getting attention and being taken seriously, but your suit may have similar elements that keep you in the background. There are three tips to make you stand out in your suit. Throughout the last 400 years, the suit has changed in some ways, but in others, it’s still a similar style. This is called a classic style that has the look and feel of timeless strength and brings a different way of thinking. It will change the way you think and the way you act in the world. Think about Iron Man’s Tony Stark, when wonder what a well-fitting suit will do for you.


There’s nothing that says, “I don’t know how to dress” than owning an ill-fitting suit. A suit like this tells influencers you don’t want to take the effort to look sharp. If you don’t want to put that sort of effort into your personal appearance, then you may not want to make an effort on the project your prospect is considering you for. So, how can you do this? Use made to measure, made to order, or bespoke tailors to get the exact fit for your body type. Tailors have adjusted their business to accommodate the on-the-go male and found ways to get you into the suit that will make you feel like Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair.

The suit should fit well at the neck-line, shoulders, and waist. It should not be loose in the thigh or bunch too much at the shoe. The classic colors are still the best. Suits in darker shades of blue, navy, or steel grey work very well for a base. Two piece suits work well for more casual engagements. A three-piece suit gives you the option to take off your jacket and still have a cover that fits well and is coordinated to the overall look.

Use color judiciously Splashes of color help your suit stand out. If you have a front pocket, use a silk handkerchief to add a splash of color to your suit. If you have a two-piece suit, wearing a Scottish Cashmere sweater underneath gives you a classic look with a silky soft feel and look. In cooler weather, adding a scarf will also bring attention to you and your suit.

The best fitting shirt under your suit is also key to making sure you look well-groomed and confident. Shirts made of pure cotton wear well and for a long time. The type of shirt you’re looking for is crucial to making your suit stand out. Do you want a button-down collar with a standard tied tie? Or would you rather use a mandarin collarless shirt with no tie to show others you are willing to think outside the box? These key decisions will help you create your own style and make your suit create a memorable impression.

The well-dressed man garners far more attention and respect than the poorly dressed man. The end product of your style shows distinction and discrimination of taste. The classic look in suits has made a comeback and is rising in popularity. And with it is the chance to stand out as the uniquely male model of your standards and values. A well-fitting, beautifully accessorized suit tells the world and those you want to impress that you are man of taste who won’t compromise on craft or value to bring your skill set to the job.

The best tip is to choose your own path to your own look. That’s why the well-made suit is making a resurgence in popularity. Because the world is looking for men to stand up with distinction and purpose and show the world their unique self. Custom Suits NYC represents the market and process for Custom Made Clothing in Manhattan, NY. The segment includes Custom Tailored Tuxedos, Custom Made Business Suits, Bespoke Wedding Attire, Hand Made Custom Shirts and more, much more.

New York has been a hotbed of hand tailored manufacturing since the early 1900 industrial revolution. However since most of the commercial manufacturing left NYC from the 1970’s -1980’s we are now left with a niche manufacturing base that is very adept at tailoring Custom Made Suits. Keep in mind that these facilities of production are not the towering images you may have in your mind of a “factory”. Think instead of a large work room with 10-60 artisanal tailors practicing their craft on an assembly line of sorts. The pattern maker, the cutter, the canvas setter, the sleeve setter and so on.

A modern factory is a cacophony of ethnicity’s and nationalities working together as a team to craft these garments. The days of mass immigration of skilled tailors from specific nations such as Italy has long passed. Now Italians, Dominican, Turkish, Ecuadorian and so many more work side by side, It is a beautiful thing to see.

The Wasserberger family has been producing their garments in NYC since way before it was hip or cool. It was always impressive, the care, the passion, the nationalities, the time invested and of course the pride in the finished product of a shirt, suit, pants tuxedo etc.

So Manhattan NYC has maintained its style and fashion perch for many decades. How many other cities around the world would you WANT to buy a custom suit from? So yes NY as the fashion Capital of the world is also the Custom Clothing Capital! Walk the streets from Tribeca to the Upper East Side and you will see a dizzying array of Custom Tailored Suits being worn by Lawyers, Bankers, Rockers and Artists. Enjoy the view and when you are ready to flash your sartorial side, come to Sew Bespoke Clothing. We will be waiting, Tape Measure in hand!

Weddings, Brides and Grooms

Custom Wedding Suits, Tuxedos ,Shirts – Midtown, NYC

Manhattans center for Custom Wedding Attire! Custom Bespoke Tailored Suits, Tuxedos, Shirts, Ties, Bow Ties Hand Made in NYC since 1948!

We make all types of formal wear at our workshops using the utmost in care, paying attention to all the details.

Our tailors and fitters are the most experienced and knowledgeable in the business.

We feature and create any and all styles that can be conceived. All themed events and weddings can be created. City Refined, Beach Formal, White Tie, Festive and more.

Sew Bespoke Clothing’s fabric selection is almost unlimited, Supplied by Loro Piana, Cerruti, Vitale Barberis, Dormeuil, Harrison’s, Porter&Harding, Scabal, Holland&Sherry.

Come in and get measured! 212-686-1630




Wedding Tuxedo Custom Made

Weddings Weddings Weddings

Getting married? Or attending as a guest? Sew Bespoke Clothing are experts at wedding attire. Custom Tuxedos – Custom Bespoke Wedding Suits – White Dinner Jackets (Ala James Bond).

We SEW every style and type of wedding garment, from soup to nuts. Custom Shirts, Custom ties and soon Custom Shoes.

Using the finest designer fabrics from great Britain and Italy is just the start.  We are among NYC’s most experienced fitters to measure you for Custom Clothing. We ask just enough questions about your personal preferences to provide you with a perfect fitting garment.

Finally – quality construction. EVERY suit or jacket has a full canvas in the jacket, no shortcuts here, no misleading use of half canvasses or floating chest pieces. Our made in NY garments have dozens of hand procedures, come in for a full inspection, We’d love to have you!

Call 212-686-1630

Bespoke Tailored Suits by NY's Leading Tailor

Custom Suit Sale NYC

Sew Bespoke Clothing of Midtown NYC is pleased to announce our Custom Suit Sale.

This sale includes our Hand Made Bespoke Custom Suits.

For those that do not know, our hand tailored suits, tuxedos and shirts are among the finest this city has to offer.

Made in NY using local craftsmen and employing old world techniques we can guarantee the quality of our garments.

We feature Dormeuil, Holland and Sherry, Scabal and others, the list is too long to print.

Our fitter taking your measurements has 30 years of experience and knowledge.

So Whats The Sale You Ask?



How much do our suits cost? It is up to your selection. These made in NY suits start at $1795.

Call today 212-686-1630



Custom Suits Midtown NYC

Custom Suits Midtown NYC

It’s a new year, start it right! Up your suit game with some of the finest, most well made custom suits in New York. Based in Midtown NYC, Sew Bespoke Clothing is equipped to outfit you from head to toe.

Custom Suits- Custom Wedding Tuxedos- Custom Dress Shirts- Casual Office Pants-And More!

Make an appointment today to take your look and career to the next level.

A Custom suit or shirt will show off your best side!

Custom Bespoke Suit NYC

Fall Is Here- Time For Custom Suits Made In NY

Custom Suits, Shirts, Tuxedos and Coats Hand Made By Locals in NYC is the way to improve your image and the way you are seen in business and your personal life.

Sew Bespoke Clothing  is ready to tailor fine Custom Made Suits in our  Midtown,NYC shop.

Make an appointment today and joint the many who have found our tailoring services to be among the best in the country.

Some of the country’s finest Custom Made Suits can be found right here in Midtown NY

Select from Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Holland&Sherry, Scabal, Harrisons, Vitale Barberis.

You can count on 3 generations of experience to assure the perfect fit.