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Custom Suits NYC

Custom Suits NYC _ Hot topic in Manhatan What? Where? Why? 1.Custom suits are a distinct and professional way to express your style and appreciation for quality. 2.Sew Bespoke Clothing 555 5th avenue NY- Just steps from Grand central and Rockefeller center. 3.Whether it is for business or pleasure, Custom suits will announce to the world that your are serious about your image and your business.


We are New York’s most experienced and stylish tailor. With 100 years of family suit building knowledge. All of the worlds finest cloths are featured here, Dormeuil, LoroPiana, Guabello, Vitale Barberis, Tessilstrona and more.


Custom Suits NYC

Custom suits nyc- One of the most searched for terms on google. why? Manhattan has a vast workforce most of which is very well dressed. We have a thriving nightlife chock full of parties, benefits and other events. this creates a demand for custom tailored suits, shirts, tuxedos, jackets and overcoats.

Sew bespoke clothing is a leading provider of bespoke clothing to men and women. For 100 years our family has been engaged in designing and manufacturing bespoke tailored clothing to all new yorkers. We strive to bring you aboard as one of our treasured clients.

Our 3 generations of experience is only part of the story. Impeccable taste and timely service are our hallmarks.

Quality?? Our tailoring stands without peer. All suits are fully canvassed and designed right here in midtown NYC. Featuring the finest fabrics in the world from the leading designers of England and Italy.

Best Custom Suits NYC

1.Best custom suits NYC? What tailor can make such claims? Is there such a thing as the best custom suits? Lets examine the components below! 2.Yes and no, beauty is within the eye of the beholder! 3.Quality and construction are more tangible and easily defined. 4.Fabric is a tactile object and readily identified. 5.Taste and fashion sense, this is huge and can not be overlooked. 6.Price? NO this is not a factor if you are truly looking for the best.

SEW BESPOKE CLOTHING OFFERS CUSTOM SUITS FROM $995 Its simple, we are amongst the best tailors in NYC, come join us! 212-686-1630

Best Custom Suits

Best custom suits? This is a complicated question. with the many choices available, at so many different prices and quality levels, what defines best?

To some consumers, best is defined as the lowest price. For some it is the most stylish and best fit. Many will say its about the build quality. Others will say its all about the fabric. For us at SEW Bespoke Clothing, It is a culmination of all the above.

We promise to deliver well made, fully canvased, stylish clothing that will reflect you and your ideals and personal sense of style.

You will receive an honest, well meaning assessment, outlining good colors, patterns, fabric weight, and the right cut for you.


Custom Bespoke Suit Sale NYC

Best Value In Custom Suits NYC

Best Value In Custom Suits NYC – Sew Bespoke Clothing provides some of the best custom suits and shirts in Manhattan. We have 100 years of custom tailoring experience – 3 generations of family knowledge. We are savvy to all fashions, cut and styles. Whether is super trim or a more comfortable fit, we have the know how. You will be measured by a professional fitter. All your preferences will be noted. Fabric selections will be made with or without our guidance. Then you sit back, have a scotch, listen to some great music, enjoy the view and we will work our sartorial magic.

Join us by calling today 212-686-1630

Best Source For Custom Suits & Shirts In NYC

A most common question – asked to friends and colleagues alike. What is the frenzy? It is simple Custom Clothing is hot and will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Men and Women alike are striving to look their best for business and personal life. It no longer suffices to pick up a suit at the department store. The quality is inferior, the selection is limited and often you over paying for a name.

Sew Bespoke Clothing can change all of this.

We are professional and have impeccable taste. Our fabric is second to none, featuring world recognizable names such as Guabello, Vitale Barberis, Loro Piana and Dormeuil.

SEW is a family company and has been so since 1947. 3 Generations of experience will serve you well.

The bottom line, When Bespoke is on your mind, Call SEW 212-686-1630



NYC's Most Experienced Custom Suit Tailor

Best Bespoke Suits NYC

Best bespoke Suits NYC – Custom suits are a big part of life in NYC. In any given conference room, office or restaurant you will see men and women flaunting their custom bespoke creations – Suits, Shirts, Tuxedos, Coats – bedecked with fancy linings – special buttonholes – colored under collars…

We tailor from only the finest fabrics from Vitale barberis, Guabello, Dormeuil and Loro Piana.

Using the time honored tradition of canvassing every suit we make(no fusing here)

We are among the most experienced and knowledgeable tailors in New York. 3 generations of serving NY with custom clothing is our resume.

Our associate Line of custom Suits starts at $995 Our partner line of Custom Suits starts at $1995

Call 212-686-1630 or book online

Custom Suits Sew Bespoke Clothing NYC

Custom Suits Sew Bespoke Clothing NYC – We are one of New Yorks original families of custom suits. Since 1948 we have been tailoring suits, shirts, sport coats and overcoats for New Yorkers. Yes…3 generations of Custom Bespoke know how and experience.

Join us at our Midtown location, where you can shop comfortably, from our 14th floor window to the city. Browse our collections of fine fabrics from Guabello, Vitale Barberis, Dormeuil, Loro Piana. Enjoy a glass of fine Scotch, select your favorite music and let us guide you through your wardrobe selections.

Weddings, Brides and Grooms

Custom Suit Sale NYC

Custom Suit Sale NYC – come visit our showroom in Midtown Manhattan. Conveniently located steps from grand Central and Rockefeller Center. Sit back in our large windowed showroom looking out into the ngrandeur of New York City. Enjoy a scotch, listen to your favorite music. BUT this is just the appetizer, the main course is our expertly tailored custom made suits, shirts, tuxedos, coats and blazers.

Since 1948 we have been engaged as a family business in constructing finely tailored clothing for all walks of New Yorkers. Our experience and taste level is without peer. Join us for a complimentary browse, we are sure you will tempted to place an order upon viewing our quality construction and vast selection of world famous fabrics.


NYC’s Premier Bespoke Custom Suits & Shirts

NYC’s Premier Bespoke Custom Suits & Shirts – Featured in the most prominent publications – New York Magazine, Robb Report, Bloomberg. We are Manhattans “listening Tailor” All requests are honored and executed according to your specifications.

Since the early 1900’s the Wasserberger family has been engaged in tailoring suits, shirts and tuxedos for New Yorkers. We would be honored to count you among our esteemed clients.

Our Custom Suits start at $995 – Our shirts start at $175

You will pick from the worlds finest mills, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Guabello, Vitale Barberis and many more.