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Truly A Custom Suit?

What makes a true custom tailored suit?

Its not just selecting fabric and lining, Its being measured by a professional.

It’s having the experience to convey those measurements to the cutter.

Its recommending the right fit and fabric to the client.

Its having it tailored in NYC, Custom Tailored or Bespoke.

Its being honest and only providing whats needed.

That’s us, Sew Bespoke Clothing.












Custom Bespoke Suit NYC

Fall Is Here- Time For Custom Suits Made In NY

Custom Suits, Shirts, Tuxedos and Coats Hand Made By Locals in NYC is the way to improve your image and the way you are seen in business and your personal life.

Sew Bespoke Clothing  is ready to tailor fine Custom Made Suits in our  Midtown,NYC shop.

Make an appointment today and joint the many who have found our tailoring services to be among the best in the country.

Some of the country’s finest Custom Made Suits can be found right here in Midtown NY

Select from Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Holland&Sherry, Scabal, Harrisons, Vitale Barberis.

You can count on 3 generations of experience to assure the perfect fit.


This ones for “HEF”

This exact jacket was loaned to Playboy for a party in 2010

Hand made in NYC using high grade french velvet

Sew Bespoke Clothing is amongst the finest makers of Custom Made Suits

RIP Hef!


Fall Suits

The Time is now, Custom Suits NYC

All new fabrics available from the world leaders

Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Holland&Sherry, Scabal

Book your time slot today

Camel Hair Jacket With Brown Suede Collar Size 38 Trim

Chesterfield Sport Coat

A creation all our own, The “CHESTERFIELD SPORT COAT”

Available in a variety of contrasts and fabrics.

Always made in NY.

AlwaysBe The Best S uit in the Room!

Book your appointment today.