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Sew Bespoke Clothing produces some of the Best Custom Suits In NYC. Since 1947 this family owned business has been crafting bespoke clothing for all New Yorkers. Tuxedos, Shirts, Blazers, Suits and Pants are on our menu of creations.

Our 3 generations of experience assures you of knowledge and experience to handle any and all design tasks. Theres not a style or cut we haven’t executed many many times over. We are experts on color, patterns and texture. deftly advising on the proper color or pattern for every individual. Careful questioning will help determine the proper fabric weight and weave for your lifestyle and or body temperature.


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Best Bespoke Suits NYC

Best bespoke suits nyc? You have found us! Congratulations and welcome! Custom Suits $995

Because, how you look counts, (ALOT). Your suit reflects how seriously you take your agenda and career. First impressions only happen once. And YES, people can tell how much you care, just by glimpsing your suit.

Careful and appropriate fabric selection. Conscientious style choices. Appropriate fit decisions. These all play key parts in your image. Choose your clothier wisely, Go with experience and knowledge.

I can tell from halfway down the block if an approaching businessperson is wearing a quality well tailored suit. It is evident in how the suits hangs and how the fabric responds to movement. Your suit is a tool, yes a business tool, always choose the best.


SEW BESPOKE CLOTHING- Will insure the job is done right!

Custom Tailored Suit by NY's Most experienced tailor

Best Bespoke Suits NYC

Custom Bespoke suits from $995. We stake our name on it – The Best Bespoke Suits In NYC – Sew Bespoke clothing has been tailoring custom made suits in new york since 1948. A family operated business serving the bespoke crowd well before Bespoke became a household word. We originally made our suits and shirts in Manhattan and brooklyn because….It was the only place to obtain hand tailoring!

We are the “listening tailors” Yes, we listen to each and every request. Every and all styles are respected and well known by our expert cutters, tailors and fitters. Every fad has come and gone, but we remain, ready to serve.

Our showroom is the most convenient, located just steps from Grand central and Rockefeller center. located high on the 14th floor of 555 5th Avenue, You will enjoy the view and great music as you browse our collections. Featuring Loro Piana, Guabello, Vitale Barberis and more, these are the leading designer mills in the world. You can count on us to always provide the leading edge cloths in quality and style.

All our suits are bespoke tailored, using the time honored technique of canvas in every suit we sew. Every size, cut, style and detail is available to you!

Best Bespoke Suits NYC

Best bespoke suits nyc? We proudly take this title! After over 70 years serving NY’ers, our family business looks forward to welcoming you.


We are fully equipped to hand any and all bespoke or sartorial questions.

  1. What color suits me?
  2. What pattern works for me
  3. Is a solid color better for me?
  4. I sweat a lot, what fabric weight is best?
  5. I am rough on my clothing, which cloth will hold up the best?
  6. I want to be comfortable , but have a trim cut, can that be done?

Surely there are more questions than those above, we welcome all queries! We take pride in offering good value as well as top notch quality.


custom suit sale

Best Bespoke Suits NYC

Best Bespoke Suits NYC – Sew Bespoke Clothing is known specifically for this. As a family business we have been tailoring fine Custom suits for 3 generations. We trace our tailoring roots back to pre world war 2. In these past 100 years we have sewn every type of suit, shirt, tuxedo, overcoat, pants that one can imagine. We have catered to every type of man and women. Having created for such a dizzying array of clients you can rest assured we are prepared for you and any specific garment you want to have sewn for yourself.

In the U.S. since 1948 we have maintained shops in Brooklyn and Manhattan. SEW now calls Midtown our home. Central and conveniently located at the cross-section of 5Th Avenue and 46Th Street. Just steps from Grand central terminal and Rockefeller center, also near Penn station. we are perfectly SUITED to meet your needs!

SEW Bespoke considers value to be one of our leading tenets. We offer a full range of custom clothing with many options available such as “fully hand made” & “Rush delivery”