Suits are an important wear to formal occasions, but not limited to everyday work wear. Some of these occasions include.



Parties/ Gala Events



Job Interviews




Although, the tuxedo is also a formal garment, business suits are the standard. You can buy suits in four different ways.

  1. Bespoke suits – this is when the garment is created entirely on the client’s/customer’s measurements. In this case your measurements.


  1. Made to measure suits – This is when the garment is made from a pre made pattern and it is only modified to fit the customer.


  1. Ready to wear suits – This are garments or suits sold by a tailor finally as is.


  1. Suit separates – This is when the jacket and trousers/pants are sold separately.

Suits for women: During the late 1960s and early 1970s skirts and dresses were dropped by many women in favour of trousers. This was seen as a liberation from the conformity of earlier periods and occurred concurrently with the women’s liberation movement.

Suit-wearing etiquette for women generally follows the same guidelines used by men, with a few differences and more flexibility.

For women, the skirt suit or dress suit are both acceptable; a blouse, which can be white or coloured, usually takes the place of a shirt. Women’s suits can also be worn with coloured tops or T-shirts. Also, women usually wear suits in professional settings, rather than as general formal attire, as men do.

Women’s suits come in a larger variety of colours such as darks, pastels, and gem colours.

At Sew Bespoke Clothing, we specialize in bespoke tailoring, the word bespoke derived from “bespeak” meaning “to give order for it be made” to speak for something. The word bespoke is also analogous/equivalent to women’s haute couture.

On rare occasions we produce ready to wear suits or suit separates, these can be found on our online store. Click here to go to our online store.

We also have them at our New York City showroom.

Equally, we sell accessories for suits which include neckties, pocket squares, cufflinks, tie clips, tie tacks, tie bars, bow ties, etc.

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