1. Came here with my younger brother after he head about the place from a friend who is interested in preppy or more formal but also hip clothing. This place offers or specializes in custom suits and my brother was very happy with the several he’s gotten here. Selection, patterns are all solid and arranged neatly and colorfully. Store is also clean if unfortunately the place does lean towards the hipster side. The custom suits pretty much set it apart from similar apparel places that brand themselves as upscale and preppy like J. Crew or even Ralph Lauren. Location is convenient and easy to find for people who hang out downtown. It is also a place to get semi-formal Oxford shirts with nifty and seasonal prints. They’re not fruity at all. Like and recommend. Cost is worth the quality in this case. Staff is also helpful for people who may not be confident in their fashion sense; latest trends, or fitting.
  2. Friend went here to get the tux’s for his wedding. Have to say it was one of the most comfortable tuxedo’s I have ever worn. The fitting was fast, great customer service, didn’t take long at all. Very professional and great prices. Their suits are very well made. Check them out if your in the area.
  3. I read a few of the previous review before beginning mine, and I really have to say that I don’t think people truly understand what it takes to alter clothing. I have a background in fashion design and tailoring and am pretty picky when it comes to tailors, if I go to them at all. That said, I really dislike doing men’s clothing and wanted to treat my fiance for his birthday. Scott was recommended to me by a cousin that lives in NYC (I’m in Philly) and I gathered up all my man’s clothes that just were too baggy and we went in. I found Scott to be very professional. He asked the right questions and wasn’t BSing about certain things I find other tailors to complain about. I never mentioned that I had a background in his craft so I could really evaluate him. It is true that we had to go back for several more fittings, but I was happy to do that if the product was going to turn out beautifully (which I really felt it did). My man looked much better, and he finally understood why I was complaining all that time about the fit of his outfits! He has already started a pile of clothes to take back. Basically I say BE PATIENT. This type of skill can really take some time, and it is best to fit, refit, and refit. Scott in general was easy to talk to and took direction well. He loved to explain what his process was and talk about fabrics. I would recommend him!!
  4. I had walked by SEW many times and to my surprise here I was getting two suits for my wedding. The whole process was incredibly detailed. The fit had to be just right or they would send it back to be fixed. I really got the idea that they cared about the details. The seersucker suit I had made led to an audible gasp when I entered a room. It fit So well even strangers were blown away, ha. The wedding suit was more intense and had a vest and special lining. It was all done on time and SEW hit my deadline right on the nose. It was helpful because they asked me when the latest I needed it and they made sure to beat it by a couple of days. The process takes a while but they tell you that upfront. If you want a suit fast then this isn’t what you are looking for. This is handcrafted and a lot of time is put into it. It is an expense but once you feel the quality of the waist of the pants or fit of the jacket you realize why. Recommend if you are looking for a smaller shop with much more personal attention.
  5. I was rather skeptical about the “custom suit” concept until I saw my fiance’s suit from SEW. I figured, a suit’s a suit, how much of a difference can it make? Turns out a big one! I was really shocked by how noticeable the craftsmanship and styling in something customized is; it really shows in how the clothing wears. He’s been such a fan I’m surprising him by buying a blazer here for his birthday as well! Love being able to support a totally local business too!
  6. I’ve really enjoyed Scott – he’s a passionate craftsman, and his product is extremely well fitted and of terrific quality.
  7. Scott is great, his dad is really hilarious and talked my ear off, the staff are super sweet — I am just so happy with my whole experience. They are a tiny boutique operation so you gotta expect that the service will be as good as the relationship you build with them, i.e., if you’re a type A, coke snorting dick who expects everything yesterday, then they aren’t for you. But if you want an excellent tailor who’s your pal and who might not finish one of your shirts on time, but you KNOW you can trust to come through for you when it’s really important (e.g., finish a wedding suit for you in five weeks while you’re on a crash diet and your measurements keep changing), then they are for you.
  8. Scott was extremely helpful through the entire process and the shirts were fantastic. Great customer service, first time buying custom shirts and he walked me through every detail I would need to know. Quality is excellent, you get what you pay for. I now own 9 shirts from SEW and after experiencing a custom fit shirt it will be difficult to go back to off the rack. Scott’s love for his products clearly comes through, keep up the good work!
  9. EW NYC was recommended by a friend who had just got his custom suit made. After hearing all the great things with Scott, my boyfriend and I decided to give this place a chance. I spoke to Arty over the phone and he was nice enough to give me all the informations needed in making custom suits. He was able to squeeze me and the Boyfriend in the next day for an appointment to get measurements done and look at custom suit styles they have. He said that his son Scotty will be expecting us the next day for the fitting and measurements. We came in and Scott was really informative and acquired such amazing knowledge in custom suits. My boyfriend is a black and grey type suit guy but with Scott’s expertise he introduced him to another level in choosing suits eg. materials, style etc. Not only that we had the typical custom suits made but we decided to expand our taste and go with what he suggested. My boyfriend thought he was making a big mistake but he was blown away how the suits looked on him. I was blown away as well! From now on, we will be using SEW NYC for all his custom suits. There was a reason why Scott was recommended by my male friends in the first place. I would recommend this place more than 100% to everyone!
  10. Sew is a neighborhood gem, Scott the proprietor is spot on for picking out styles that would look good on you. The shirts and suits I ordered came out perfect. I could not be happier. Scott you rock, thanks for my new wardrobe.
  11. This is a GREAT bespoke shop! Alexander spent over an hour with me just discussing different fabrics and the process of making custom clothing. This is a true luxury and should not be a rushed process. With regards to the previous bad reviews on this page – if you are looking to get clothing in a hurry, get something off a rack. Custom fit clothing is an art form and takes time and money to get everything just right. The service in this shop is exceptional, and I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to have a great custom clothing experience.
  12. I was in town for a wedding and the groom’s gift to me was to get fitted for custom made shirts at SEW. Scott and Alejandra were both fantastic during my visit. I am very excited about the shirts and can’t wait to order more. I will most definitely use them again and refer them to my friends. Also for some reason they have 19 of their 20 reviews filtered. So other yelpers out there you should read their filtered ones to get a better picture.
  13. My husband ordered a custom jacket that he wanted quickly for his birthday party. They were unbelievable! The jacket is amazing, and they delivered when promised! Thank you for your hard work…he looked very handsome!
  14. Scott has made me a suit, and two shirts, and although they took a while, they are of the highest possible quality, and he has been unnervingly patient in dealing with a first-timers requests, trials, and tribulations.
  15. Just picked up a new blazer the other day. Scott worked with me to refine every small detail, even hunting around the city for the right color of buttons. In addition, he made changes to a Loro Piana Blazer he made for me 4 years ago, taking out some of the shoulder padding and re-calibrating the fit slightly. Overall, I’ve been very happy with his output for the past several years I’ve been a customer. I sent my friends here for their wedding suits, which is a pretty high compliment.
  16. I’ve been looking for a suit that fits me perfectly, and SEW delivered. I’m a slim-fit guy, so sometimes it’s hard to find a good suit that fits me right. Scott, the owner, custom designed the suit to fit me to a “T” and I couldn’t be happier. I will definitely be returning to SEW to purchase my next suit.
  17. I met Scott W at a local trunk show my boss arranged at my company. Each guy in my department got one custom-made shirt and loved it.
  18. I’ve only personally had two shirts made by Scott, but friends and co-workers have gotten full suits and blazers with nothing but praise. His work is timely, his eye is sharp, and above all else his products are expertly made. My two shirts fit perfectly, and even small details–like wearing a watch on my right hand–went into the measurements. His pricing is not for the faint of heart, but for a truly bespoke product like this the pricing shouldn’t be.
  19. Found this place searching for best shirts in New York. I am a very slim fit so opted for the custom made, they made me a sample shirt first and then did the rest of them, his assistant talked me into a vest off the rack, excellent quality for the shirts and vest, though not inexpensive. Gonna go back for more after bonus check 🙂
  20. The best suit (and shirts) in the room, always.
  21. This guy knows what he’s doing. A lot of bespoke tailors treat you like you’re just their canvas. Scott listens, he consults with you, doesn’t rush the process and the result is garments that really make you look your best. I recommend him to all my friends.
  22. SEW is by far the best clothing experience I have ever had. I first met Scott 4 years ago when I was beginning a new career, and needed to vastly improve the quality of my business attire. Since that time my relationship with SEW has expanded broadly into all areas of my wardrobe. My relationship with Scott goes far beyond that of a tailor. I consider him a consultant. He is someone who takes the time to listen to your needs, and takes as much time is needed in order to get it right. He has never tried to “sell” me on anything. I am very picky about how my clothing fits, and how it looks. He has spent the last 4 years fine tuning my items in order to make sure they are exactly what I want. The bottom line is that when you spend a good deal of money for fine clothing, you are paying for the expertise and service as well as the product, and that is what distinguishes SEW from any other bespoke establishment I have patronized. I refer SEW to everyone who is looking to take the next step in improving their attire, and would not think about ever going anywhere else.
  23. Scott truly is a gem, he uses the best fabrics only, from two of the best companies in the industry, dormeuil and loro piana. His suits range in price from the upper middle all the way to very luxurious and highly expensive, it all depends on the material and details required for the suit. I highly recommend him – Walter Tax – 20/12/2017 (5 Stars)