Definition of Suits

1archaic : suite 1

2a recourse or appeal to a feudal superior for justice or redress

b an action or process in a court for the recovery of a right or claim

3: an act or instance of suing or seeking by entreaty appeal; specifically courtship

4: a group of things forming a unit : suite —used chiefly of armor, sails, and counters in games

5: a set of garments: such as

a an ensemble of two or more usually matching outer garments (such as a jacket, vest, and trousers)

  • businessmen wearing three-piece suits

b a costume to be worn for a special purpose or under particular conditions

  • gym suits

6a all the playing cards in a pack bearing the same symbol

b all the dominoes bearing the same number

c all the cards or counters in a particular suit held by one player

  • a 5-card suit

d the suit led

  • follow suit

7slang a business executive —usually used in plural



 play \ˈsü-təd\ adjective



noun: suit; plural noun: suits

a set of outer clothes made of the same fabric and designed to be worn together, typically consisting of a jacket and trousers or a jacket and skirt.

synonyms: outfit, set of clothes, ensemble

“a pinstriped suit”

  • a set of clothes to be worn on a particular occasion or for a particular activity.

“a jogging suit”

  • a complete set of pieces of armor for covering the whole body.
  • a complete set of sails required for a ship or for a set of spars.
  • informal

an executive in a business or organization, typically one regarded as exercising influence in an impersonal way.

“maybe now the suits in Washington will listen”

synonyms: businessman, businesswoman, executive, bureaucrat, administrator, manager

“suits in faraway boardrooms”

any of the sets distinguished by their pictorial symbols into which a deck of playing cards is divided, in conventional decks comprising spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs.

short for lawsuit.

synonyms: legal action, lawsuit, (court) case, action, (legal/judicial) proceedings, litigation

“a medical malpractice suit”

  • the process of trying to win a woman’s affection, typically with a view to marriage.

“he could not compete with John’s charms in Marian’s eyes and his suit came to nothing”

synonyms: courtship, wooing, attentions

“his suit came to nothing”

  • literary

a petition or entreaty made to a person in authority.

synonyms: entreaty, request, plea, appeal, petition, supplication, application

“they spurned his suit”


verb: suit; 3rd person present: suits; past tense: suited; past participle: suited; gerund or present participle: suiting

be convenient for or acceptable to.

“he lied whenever it suited him”

synonyms: be convenient for, be acceptable to, be suitable for, meet the requirements of; More
  • act entirely according to one’s own wishes (often used to express the speaker’s annoyance).

““I’m not going to help you.” “Suit yourself.””

  • go well with or enhance the features, figure, or character of (someone).

“the dress didn’t suit her”

synonyms: become, work for, look good on, look attractive on, flatter

“blue really suits you”

  • archaic

adapt or make appropriate for (something).

“they took care to suit their answers to the questions put to them”


put on clothes, typically for a particular activity.

“I suited up and entered the water”



Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French siwte, from a feminine past participle of a Romance verb based on Latin sequi ‘follow.’ Early senses included ‘attendance at a court’ and ‘legal process’; sense 1 of the noun and sense 2 of the noun derive from an earlier meaning ‘set of things to be used together.’ The verb sense ‘make appropriate’ dates from the late 16th century.