Custom Tailors Guide

How Custom Tailoring Is Your Secret Weapon

If you think you’re ready to go beyond off-the-rack suits, you need to know a few things, like the difference between made to measure and bespoke. And that’s just the start.

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East Coast vs West Coast: Custom Suiting

Great news: the whole East Coast-West Coast debate is officially over. At least when it comes to suiting. That’s not because there aren’t differences—to the contrary—but because custom suiting allows you to tailor your look to either coast so that you don’t have to choose a side. You can have both.

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What’s a $4,000 Suit Worth?

A few years ago, Peter Frew came to New York with an important professional skill. He was one of maybe a few dozen people in the U.S. who could construct a true bespoke suit.

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