custom tailored bespoke suits will make you feel great

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We would like to be your Bespoke Custom Tailor.

Full Custom Made Suits, Shirts and Tuxedos are our specialties.

Our suits are FULLY canvassed, never just a simple chest canvas.

We use only the set designer fabrics. No “gray market copies”.

3 Generations of Custom Suit Know How.

Custom Suits For A New Look Today

Tired Of Off The Rack Suits?

Time to make a change in your look?

Custom Made Suits and Shirts will change how people look at you.

Your confidence will grow and opportunities will open.

We fit all sizes and cater to all styles.

Book your free consultation today.


Best custom suits in new york city

Custom Shirts -Suits For You?

Its time to take the step- Custom Suits, Shirts or a Tuxedo, Made in NY.

Make the statement to the world that you care- about your clothes- and yourself.

Let the world see your personal style- Unique tailored clothing will do it!

Choose Sew Bespoke clothing as your personal tailor and stylist.

Best Custom Tailors, Custom Suits NYC

Custom Suits NYC

Custom suits and shirts NYC is our business and pleasure.

Among NY’s finest tailors, with 3 generations of experience.

All sizes and body types welcomed.

Thousands of designer cloths from Loro Piana and dormeuil.

Join us for a drink and measurements today.


Is your Suit too trim for the office?

 Yes, It’s cool, appropriate and fashion forward to wear a trim suit to the office. I’d even say it can further your business interests by showing you are up to date and in the know, and not behind the times.
 Your young colleagues may appreciate your stylish slant and you will prove you are not out of the loop just yet!
 But, Here is where it gets tricky…Overdoing it, too much of a good thing never works.
Heres your guide!
1. Is your jacket popping off your chest? If so, youve gone too far.
2. Are your sleeves dropping smoothly down your arm? (particularly over your delts)
3.Can you close the jacket button with out pulling excessively? (if you can’t that’s a no,no)
4.Your pants, Are the pockets “popping” out? (bad)
5.The pants thighs, are they trim or skin tight? (skin tight is bad)
6. How long are the pants? Style is just barely hitting the shoe, showing full ankle is not office ready!
7. And finally, ALWAYS wear socks!


Best Custom Tailors, Custom Suits NYC

Custom Suits In NYC since 1938

Custom Suits, Shirts and Tuxedos built in NYC is our daily mission.

Hand Sewn and custom Tailored with care in our NY workroom.

All cuts and styles expertly created for your perfect fit.

Loro Piana and Dormeuil fabrics.

Convenient location, Call for free consultation  212-686-1630

Hand tailored in NY by NY most experienced tailor

Custom Tailored Bespoke Suits in NYC

Based in Midtown NYC, Blocks from Rockefeller Center and Grand Central Terminal. We are a convenient and comfortable source for Custom Tuxedos, Suits, Shirts, Blazes.

Sew Bespoke Clothing is a family business that has been providing Bespoke Custom Wear since 1938. Three generations of tailoring know how!

Competitive pricing with unsurpassed selection, our suits start at $1100.

Suits take 5-6 weeks with rush programs available. Call 212-686-1630

Best custom Suits and Shirts in NYC

Custom Shirts and Suits in NYC

Welcome to Sew Bespoke Clothing. We would like to be  your” go to” for Bespoke Suits and Shirts in New York.

We are a family tailoring business serving NYC since 1938.

There are so many options online etc, BUT this is not a job for the inexperienced sellers of poor quality suits and shirts. trust us with your wardrobe and you will be very happy with the way you look.

Every suit and jacket has a full canvas front for durability, not half canvas or small chest pieces. This detail is integral to fit and lasting quality, Its not Custom or Bespoke without it!

We look forward to serving , Call today 212-686-1630


Cheap custom suit

Best Custom Suits Tailored in NYC

NY’s Famous Sew Bespoke  Family Tailors have been making suits and shirts in NYC since 1938.

Don’t be fooled by imitators who send their suits out of state and claim to be made in NY.

We are a treasured source of custom made Suits, tuxedos and Shirts.

No tailors have more experience, knowledge and taste.

We deliver on time.

CALL 212-686-1630




Custom Made Suits : Tuxedos, All Styles

Custom Bespoke Suits NYC

Custom Suits in NYC : 212-686-1630

New York’s leading and Most Experienced Custom Tailor.

Custom Made and Full Bespoke Suits.

Lean and trim silhouettes.

Hand made in NY, USA

Loro Piana and Dormeuil Fabrics