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Introducing Scarpi di Bianco Shoes to complete your look 

You already know that your appearance can make the difference in both your business and your social life. You’ve discovered the value of well-made and custom tailored clothing with novel accessories to match, but have you considered your shoes? Bspo-ken thinks you should and to assist you we now carry a line of shoes from Scarpe di Bianco; handmade classic shoes with a twist for the modern man.
You know the drill; Oxfords and Monk Straps for those important meetings, Brogues and Bluchers for those slightly less formal occasions or tooling around the office, loafers for business..

Introducing New Eton Collections for 2016

Clients of B’SPO-KEN have come to appreciate our tireless effort and our commitment to new and amazing styles and fashion innovation that ensures they are always the best dressed in the room. We also appreciate the efforts made by our international vendors, new and old, that assist us in this endeavor.
Eton of Sweden is one of those vendors and they have just announced an updated Eton brand and have improved their stock service. They have created an impressive method and have provided their exclusive stylists, including B’SPO-KEN, to work with their clients using their newly released 2016 Collection Books

Getting your celebrity on at B’spo-ken

When you see celebrities, whether it’s on television, in a magazine or in person, they usually look great. Upon closer inspection you may take note on how well their clothing looks. They look so GQ, even in casual clothes. You may wonder how they do it. How is it that no matter what they wear, they look fabulous. Well, it isn’t a big secret and it comes down to a couple of things that may seem small but really do make all the difference.
Start with the materials. When you look at a celebrity, their clothes are stunning. Their shirts and pants hang so perfectly and they never have an annoying shiny look like yours do after you get them back from the cleaners. Sure, you think if you have a professional handle your laundry, you’re all good. You’ll get that fresh pressed look and that will set you apart from everyone else. But it won’t unless he clothing is made from truly good fabrics. Need proof?

A tailor made gift for your groomsmen

You’re getting married and the lavish plans are under way. Though you are looking forward to a new life the preparations for the big day can be downright stressful. There are so many details and let’s face it, it’s not like this is something you do everyday day and they certainly didn’t teach you this at business school. It seems like just when you’ve got it all down someone throws another decision at you. Now it’s what your gift to the groomsmen will be.
That’s a good one, right? What do you give your groomsmen that they will use, like or want to display? Well, we may be able to help with that and we’ll tell you how. You and your groomsmen will be wearing tuxedos and though you, as the groom, want to look your best and may have opted for a custom made tuxedo, your groomsmen will most likely rent their tuxes, not realizing of course that they will need them again and again.

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Important Tips to Choose for Bespoke Shirts in New York

For men who are shirt lover and shirt designer, the fitted bespoke shirt implies something that is perfectly fitted to the body. If you give a closer look, you will find that time and time again that shirts are any not the right width along the shoulders or it is loose around the waist of several men.

Give Yourself an Amazing Looks with Wedding Tuxedo Suit New York

These days, everyone has become highly dress-conscious as compared to the past. Buying and wearing the perfectly fitted tuxedo suits that actually assists in projecting a positive character. It is a real truth that the tuxedo has not really been in fashion from last many years. However, new famous designers from New York, Paris, and Milan have reinvented the tuxedo once again.

Bespoke Suits in New York – Your Distinctive Sense of Style!

Men’s Custom Suits New York is considered the cream of the crop when we talk about men’s style! Here we will discuss the benefits related to the Bespoke Suit. It’s fine to know that having a suit customized to your distinctive physique, implies for an ideally fitting for you. These suits feel as relaxed as pajamas as compared to different off-the-rack suits.

Bespoke Tailor in New Jersey – Designing the Best Suitable Suit for you

Bespoke Tailor in New Jersey have graceful taste and they are extremely confident to serve you in any plans you might wish support with. However, in the shopping of suit, you can easily anticipate the procedure to take instead of a little time. Even if you choose to skip focused on Suit Tailoring, then you can bear to try on different suits before ascertaining the best one for you, and it is advised to wear dress shoes and shirt so you can find a complete feel for how it will all go together. Definitely, if you are allowing in a high-quality Suit, you will adore confirming the entire package goes well together.

Wedding Suits New York – Give Yourself a Good Look for the Day

Are you soon going to lock in a wedding lock? Do you need a bespoke suit? If yes, simply look ahead with wedding suits New York. Custom suits are personalized designed as per the particular measurements of an individual who desires to buy the suits. These are easily offered for men and women and most tailors are capable to give end result from an image added to the most favored cut or technique and material color.

Bespoke Suits Brooklyn – Perfectly Matches Your Body Fit

No doubt, one of the most complex jobs of men’s fashion world is the selection of right suit. Choosing men’s suit that executes all fashion needs need a lot of proficiency. The Men’s fashion is something more than a shirt, pant and a jacket. Style, Color, cut and properly fit have to be taken into thought while choosing the appropriate suit. A badly fitted suit would be the right element to spoil any person’s figure, as an ill-fitting suit can be noticed right from a distance. Therefore, despite shopping for the branded suits it is always suggested to look for Bespoke Suits Brooklyn that remains appropriate in style as well as fit.

Always Choose Bespoke Shirts in New York For Perfect Styling

However, there is no particular period to state the source of dress shirts; they have still been the prime specifications of every man’s clothes for ages. Signifying difference and grace shirts have been part of men’s civilization and life for centuries. As time passes away,  shirts engaged, they excelled from being a mere part of clothing to a sign of the wearer’s fiscal condition status and style sense, which shows the increasing insist for bespoke shirts.

Best Men Suits New York – Choose An Appropriate Fitted Online

Best Men Suits New York can create your events more enjoyable and give pleasant look to your figure.

Best Men’s suits possess various impressions. Quite often wearing suits express a reputable and traditional picture. This is the prime reason, why it is should have in a man’s clothes. In the middle of the clothes that can be establish in a secret, the suit can be the highly flexible clothes that you can use in various events. If you still don’t own an outfit, now is the time to think over paying on it. Suit can be quite costly. Therefore, it is required that you know how to select quality suit.

Wedding Tuxedo Suit New York – Important Tips To Shop

Wedding Tuxedo Suit New York is available in different designs and colors. Look for the best bespoke suits Long Island online.

Wedding tuxedos suit is considered as ideal attire for a man to dress himself on his wedding day. Since, wedding is the memorable and most important day in anyone’s life. In the way of planning for your wedding, we initially think how best we can show ourselves on that particular day. If you consider just women go homesick related to than you are wrong. Men just wishes to look beautiful as they have to encourage their groom.

Best Men’s Suits in New York: Fine Threads Bespoke Tailors.

We at Fine Threads Bespoke Tailors are renowned in the fraternity of fashion for offering Best Bespoke Men’s Suits in NYC and range of other garments like shirts, topcoats, overcoats, trench coats, leather jackets, blazers and more. Below mentioned are some rare fashion insights directly from the veterans that are worth remembering for fashion lovers as they are duly approved by us

Best Men’s Suits in New York: Fine Threads Bespoke Tailors.

We at Fine Threads Bespoke Tailors are renowned in the fraternity of fashion for offering Best Bespoke Men’s Suits in NYC and range of other garments like shirts, topcoats, overcoats, trench coats, leather jackets, blazers and more. Below mentioned are some rare fashion insights directly from the veterans that are worth remembering for fashion lovers as they are duly approved by us

We at Fine Threads Bespoke Tailors are quite famous for offering finely crafted Custom Made Wedding Suits in New York along with other corporate wear garments making you look suave and dapper.

Our collection of Custom Tailored Suits in NYC are crafted in styles of single breasted suits and double breasted suits providing fits that are flawless in nature and designs as per the latest trends ruling the market. We tailor them to perfection taking care of your intrinsic details like taste, lifestyle, body language, fashion preferences and overall personality along with external details like weather status, higher mobility and long working hours.

Visit our official website to know more about details of Best Men’s Suits Tailor in NYC.

Best Fashion Suit Tailors in NYC

Fine Threads Bespoke Tailors Providing world class tailoring and exceptional service. The kind of service that you remember and the quality of garments that make you feel special when you wear them.

We at Fine Threads Bespoke Tailors: the most referred and Famous Tailors in New York duly understand the intricacies of fashion and what goes behind to stand tall amidst all the dynamics as perfection has been our motto since our inception that has made us a fashion brand name to reckon with.

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How To Layer Your Suit

The unpredictability of the autumnal British weather means you don’t want to always throw on a big heavy winter coat as soon as the sun goes in. Learning some helpful tips on layering when wearing a suit will mean you’re are agile enough to combat any weather problem. Knitwear Merino wool or cashmere will be your best friend for fit, style and comfort when there is a little … [Read more…]

Dress To Boost Confidence

Increasing your confidence can naturally lead to a better belief in your own abilities. It gives you an assurance that the presentation you’ve been working hard on will be a winner. Or that job you’r interviewing for is in the bag. So where is the easiest way to gain more confidence? It starts with your clothes. Think of the best dressed men or women you know. They all … [Read more…]

Five Essential Colours For Autumn

Trends can come in go in fashion, but there is always a fail-safe collection of colours that work fantastically well in each season. Now summers end is on the horizon, we want to show you what colours you should be introducing come those colder autumn days. Forest Green The urban sprawls a lot of us live in are not normally awash with green foliage to be inspired by. Our … [Read more…]

Men’s Autumnal Style Mistakes

While the sun is shining, it might seem ludicrous to start planning your cold weather wardrobe. But if we have learnt anything living on this isle of ours, it is that the weather can sporadically leave us confused and ill-prepared. Taking time now to assess your current offering can result in being equipped for any change in weather, and reduce the need to relieve the wife of … [Read more…]

Choosing Your Perfect Beach Wedding Suit

Choosing summer wedding suits can be a complex balance of casual and formal, but when the wedding is on the beach the right choice of wedding suits is even more important, with practicality and style of equal importance. Read on to find our hottest tips for your wedding in the sun. The most important thing is always going to be to marry your outfit to that of your bride and … [Read more…]

Choosing Your Summer Wedding Suit

Weddings are so full of decisions about show stopping things that often deciding on the right wedding suit ends up at the bottom of the to-do list. Don’t leave it until the week before to buy the suit you need for your summer wedding. Start planning what you want now so you can add to the vibrancy of the day and your suit can be a part of the statement of the wedding. What … [Read more…]

What to Wear to a Tennis Match: Men’s Summer Fashion Advice

Dress to impress at this summer’s tennis tournaments while keeping cool under the baking sun. In this article, we’ll find out why wearing a formal men’s outfit to the tennis is not such a bad thing after all, and how you can choose the perfect fitting shorts. A smart summer suit doesn’t equal elitism Deciding what to wear to a tennis event can be difficult. Gone are the days … [Read more…]

What To Wear At The Races – Men’s Summer Suit Advice

Planning a day at the races but not sure what to wear? Horse race meetings are a wonderful opportunity to ratchet up your everyday style a notch or two. Nowadays, many meetings have a best-dressed man competition that makes it even more worthwhile for guys to look their best and as if they’ve made an effort. Dress Codes at Horse Race Meetings The most formal race meetings, … [Read more…]

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Suits for Summer Sporting Occasions

All men want to appear their best when attending the principal sporting events and ceremonies of summer. The idea of choosing to wear formal garments to sports events in June, July or August may seem a little off-putting, given the heaviness of wool suits and their tendency to cause perspiration. Don’t worry, it’s possible to find summer suits that add the elegance required at … [Read more…]

Choosing a Perfect Urban Wedding Suit

If you just watched the films of the day or flicked through the popular magazines you might well believe that every single wedding in the land takes place either at a country house in the Cotswolds, or in the grounds of a Scottish castle. But most of us choose to live in the city, and so do most of our friends, so while there will always be weddings to attend as well as to star … [Read more…]

This Summer’s Casual Suit Trends

It’s a perennial issue for the professional man, or for those who want to keep looking smart as the temperature rises: what do you wear when a conventional suit just becomes uncomfortably hot? In addition to the comfort of a cooler suit, the relaxed look of more casual suits seems somehow to fit better with the feel of the season and the right suit will carry you from work … [Read more…]

Choosing a Perfect Countryside Wedding Suit

A countryside wedding theme evokes visions of barns or billowing marquees festooned with bunting, romantic fairy lights, fresh flowers, hessian and bales of hay. You will want to complement this décor with the perfect wedding suit, while ensuring it also ‘suits’ your own personality and style. Recommended to Read: Selecting Wedding Suits to Match a Wedding … [Read more…]

Super Stylish Suits for the Summer Sun

A man is at his most handsome when he’s wearing a good suit. But there’s nothing attractive (or comfortable) about sweating, so in summer months it will pay to stay away from the wool and tweed. When the mercury starts climbing, consider cotton, linen, silk or seersucker to keep you looking cool as well as feeling cool. The following guide steers you through each option, … [Read more…]

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Summer Suits and Accessories

Thankfully, the cold doldrums of winter have once again departed. The summer months are now only weeks away. Although this is excellent for those who appreciate warmer weather and the seemingly interminable days of sunshine, the truth of the matter is that fashion is a very real concern. The bulk of online articles tend to focus upon female attire, dresses and … [Read more…]

The Wedding Suit for My Body Type: Short and Slim

A wedding is certainly one of the most memorable days in our lives. Looking and feeling the best therefore enjoy a hand-in-hand relationship. Whether you are the proud groom or simply a member of the wedding party, choosing the most appropriate suit is critical to make a lasting impression. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of a quality tailored design. … [Read more…]

Wedding Suit for My Body Type: Tall and Muscular

A wedding is the perfect time for men to shine and show off their unique sense of style. Of course, you will need to choose the perfect wedding suit that will show off your body shape to full effect. Here are some styles of wedding suits that tall and muscular men are sure to look great in. The Belsize This type of suit is ideal for tall and muscular men, as it features a … [Read more…]

Wedding Suit for My Body Type: Tall and Thin

Wedding bells are ringing: it’s time to look your best! You can begin by looking in the mirror; after all, it’s your body that you’re dressing… Seeing a model in a suit is one thing, but you need to think about what will work for you. If your shape is tall and slim, you have lots of great options to work with. The classic groom style is the three piece suit, comprising … [Read more…]

Should I Bring My Bride to Help Choose My Suit?

The lead up to your wedding involves making a mountain of decisions, and while many people focus on the bride’s big dress deliberation, it’s also a day where the groom wants to feel and look his best. Tradition dictates that the bridal gown is a secret until the happy couple walk down the aisle together, but what about the groom’s suit? Should your wife-to-be have some … [Read more…]

Selecting the Groom’s Suit to Accent the Bride

So you are getting married and you want your man to look his best on your special day. Amongst all of the details you have to deal with from flowers to menus, how important is the groom’s suit? One word answers the question — very. You and your wedding guests will soon forget the wine that was served with the meal, but you will have to look at that wedding photograph for a long … [Read more…]

The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Wedding Suits for the Groomsmen

Choosing the perfect wedding outfit is an essential part of the experience. Every bride wants to look stunning, and be attended by bridesmaids who complement her perfectly. But let’s not forget the groom! Yes, your outfit is just as important – it’s your big day as well, so you’ll want to find a suit that’s flattering and makes you feel like the most handsome groom there ever … [Read more…]

The Ultimate Wedding Preparation Checklist for the Future Groom

So, the engagement journey is nearly over. You managed to hit a home run with your ring choice, you picked the perfect time and location for the proposal, and the last hurdle to sail over is the actually big day itself. Most wedding websites and magazines focus solely on the feeling, duties and expectations of a bride on her wedding day, but let us not forget that when it comes … [Read more…]

The History of Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands and How to Pick The Perfect Ring

There comes a time in many relationships when a man decides that this girl is the one for him, so he sets his mind to proposing. But how does he go about this challenge? What’s the best way to ensure that she says ‘YES!’? Then there’s the question of choosing the rings; most couples prefer to wear a wedding ring when they get hitched. But have you ever thought about why we have … [Read more…]

Selecting Wedding Suits to Match a Wedding Theme

So, You’re Getting Married… Congratulations! This is where your organisational skills will come into play and things like colour schemes, themes, décor and materials will suddenly become more important than they’ve ever been in your life. Lucky for you, this blog is going to help you tick off one of the main components of your wedding day, the Wedding Suit. Finding a suit … [Read more…]

What Makes A Cloth ‘Super’?

We are beyond excited to launch our new fabric range! Some incredible cloths are joining our swatch books containing an array of colours and textures and we can’t wait for you to finally see them. The fit of a suit is paramount no matter the cloth content; however perfecting the overall look is key to finding the right cloth for you in order for us to build one. Whether your … [Read more…]

5 Things Every Bride Needs To Know About Their Man’s Wedding Suit

When it comes to your wedding day, your groom simply has to look as good as you. Even though you, the bride, will steal the limelight, your groom’s the wind beneath your wings. To encapsulate the wonderful, stylish couple you are, you’ll want to have cherished memories of your special day with stunning photos of you both looking amazing – you like a princess and your man like … [Read more…]

Bespoke Tailoring & Bespoke Suits: Everything You Need to Know

A man’s first tailor-made suit is often a revelation – but the process is littered with a number of decision making. Treat it as you would buying a house or car, an large investment that considers lengthy thought and a solid choice. Bespoke Suit Tailoring Bespoke has come to a fashionable, if slightly ill-defined, usage in modern times. While the word implies little more than … [Read more…]

A Magic Word To Pick The Right Wedding Suit

The happiest day of your life? Absolutely. All the preparations leading up to it? Nerve-wrecking. Picking the right wedding suit, for instance. It’s simple in theory, but in reality you’ll be drowning in a deluge of well-meaning, but ultimately confusing, opinions. Getting a tailored suit should be an enjoyable experience, but often you’ll feel so self-conscious and … [Read more…]

Men’s Shoes Tell a Story

When you’re getting married, there’s so much to organise that one essential part of the wedding often gets overlooked – the groom’s footwear. He’ll spend time and money on choosing a good wedding suit, but will then ruin his look with a cheap pair of shoes. But if he invests in a good pair, he’ll not only look like the perfect groom, but will have a pair of shoes that he’ll … [Read more…]

How Often Must You Buy a New Winter Jacket?

A winter jacket is certainly one of the most important garments within a male ensemble. Not only are such jackets able to keep the cold of winter at bay, but they also provide a sense of bespoke style and sophistication that speaks volumes in regards to the wearer. However, there are times when such a jacket will need to be replaced for a newer model. This concept can … [Read more…]

Top 10 Men’s Fashion Blogs from Around the Web

For men, looking sharp and stylish is never easy, as there are lots of trends to choose from and they often seem to go by in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, there are plenty of men’s fashion bloggers who have their fingers on the beating heart of fashion and do the research and ground work to make it easy to stay in style. Here are some of the best men’s fashions bloggers of … [Read more…]

The Effects Of Dress Code On Productivity

We as human beings are not as advanced or even as complex as we think we are. You can draw simple conclusions about people based on very basic diagnostics. If a woman is walking on the high street with her kids and she has dark rings around her eyes, you can surmise that she is probably struggling a little as a mother. If a man has thick yellow tobacco stains on two figures, … [Read more…]

Top 5 Stag Do Destinations

  Fifteen years ago, the normal stag do for a groom to be and his friends was basic and simple; perhaps a curry at the local Indian restaurant followed by a few too many pints of beer at a number of pubs across his home city. Skip to 2015, however, and that minimal, localised kind of celebration simply isn’t going to cut it anymore. As flights abroad have become … [Read more…]

Men’s Attitude Towards Tailoring, Now vs. Then

Fashion tends to reflect the social and economic climate and this has certainly been true over the past one hundred years. However, the suit has always been present in some form, although its prominence in the world of men’s fashion may have fluctuated from one decade to the next. Here we explore the evolution of the suit over the past century and society’s attitude towards … [Read more…]

Quick Guide to Men’s Body Shapes

Have you ever noticed how some clothes simply look better on some men than others? A large part of the reason for this is that some men have mastered the art of dressing for their body shape and are able to select clothes that flatter their figure and enhance their best aspects. Before you can learn how to do this, it is important to identify what body shape you have. The … [Read more…]

Keeping On Trend This Winter

As winter 2015-16 fast approaches, we take a look at the latest fashion and style for the businessman. We delve into some of this winter’s fashion trends to see what the discerning businessman can do to spruce up his 2015-16 wardrobe. From colours to styles and fabrics, we look at what has been trending on the global catwalks for this season’s look. There are also a few … [Read more…]


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No Frills, Just Quality: A Review of Alan David Custom NYC


In the world of made to measure, custom and bespoke tailoring there is a lot of smoke and mirrors. And this starts with the classifications themselves. Many companies throw these terms around with little to no regard for what they actually mean.

In the worst cases, they prey on uneducated consumers and attempt to convince them that they’re getting a bespoke suit for $500, when in fact, they’re getting a slightly modified ready-to-wear garment instead. That guy thinks he got a great deal and brags about it to all his buddies. But the truth is that he’s been taken for a fool.

The Best Men’s Street Style And Trends From London

The summer men’s fashion show season is now in full effect. And kicking off the calendar this past weekend was London Fashion Week Men’s. Our man, Hywel Jenkins, was on the ground in London to capture the best looks and give us a view into what’s currently trending in the world of menswear.

How To Pack It: The Dress Shirt

When you’re packing for travel – whether that’s a weeklong vacation, a weekend getaway, or a quick overnighter – it’s important to make the most of the space you have in your suitcase, carry on, or duffle bag.

And in addition to optimizing space, you also want to do your best to keep your clothing – especially those nice pieces – safe and as wrinkle-free as possible.

Traveling as much as I do every year, I’ve pretty much dialed in a method and routine. And we’re kicking off a brand new How To Pack It series to share those tips with you.

Let Us Help You Decide What Tie To Wear With a Blue Suit

There are a couple of answers to the question above. The first is that you can pretty much wear any color tie with a blue suit. A blue suit is one of the most versatile and “neutral” garments in a man’s closet. And therefore, your choice of tie color can make your suit look and feel pretty much any way you want.

(N.B. For argument’s sake, let’s assume by ‘blue’, we’re talking about navy blue or a moderate royal blue color.)

And the second answer is pretty much just as unsatisfying as the first: it depends.

Because, of course, the tie you choose should complement the situation and occasion. You wouldn’t wear a loud paisley tie to a funeral, for example.

Here’s some blue suit/tie inspiration that will have you covered no matter where you’re going, what you’re doing, or how you’re feeling.

The HSS Guide To Dress Shirt Collars

There are a lot of choices when it comes to dress shirt collar styles. What makes each collar style special? What does each collar say about you? And for what kind of occasion is each collar style best suited? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Here’s our definitive guide to dress shirt collars.

The Science Of Style: How To Use Color To Influence People

Clothing says a lot about the man. Often what a gentleman wears is a direct reflection of who he is and what he does for a living. But it’s not just the type of outfit he wears. Just as the color palette used in property design can influence people, the same can be said for color in a gentleman’s wardrobe. There is a science behind color, and we see it every day. It affects how we behave, our thoughts, feelings, first impressions and even how we spend our money.

For instance, the color green has been scientifically proven to make us feel more peaceful. It also encourages us to feel healthy. This is why hospitals are often painted green. It’s calming and can cause even the most excited person to relax. That or consider what actors and musicians call the “green room.” It’s a place for actors to relax in before going on stage. It’s also the same reason many brands incorporate green into their logo. Since it makes you feel healthy, companies like Whole Foods have used the color green to entice customers and make them believe that Whole Foods is healthier than the competition.

How To Spot A Cheap Suit

How do you spot a cheap suit? This has got to be one of the most common questions I get. Every style writer, journalist, and blogger has written articles on how to spot a good suit. Few have covered the cheaper side of things.

Unfortunately, the average person can spot a cheap suit a lot easier than one that’s of superlative quality. What’s important to stress is that price and quality aren’t mutually exclusive. As an example, you can easily find a really well-tailored vintage suit on eBay for a fraction of the price of a machine-stitched knockoff from the sweatshops of Dhaka.

Taking Care Of Your Clothing: The Essential Tools

If you care about your wardrobe, chances are it’s a considerable investment. One can only assume that if you read He Spoke Style; you likely enjoy dressing up and aren’t throwing your jeans and t-shirts in a pile by the bed. We also hope it means you’re not resorting to the same sniff test employed by a 14-year-old.

So how do you care for your clothes? How do you ensure they stay in pristine condition?

The answer is that if you’re willing to invest in high-quality menswear, you need to be willing to invest in taking care of it, protecting it, and repairing it.

Before we get into products worth having, the two most important clothing care essentials are the following:

1. A good alterations tailor.
2. A great dry cleaner.

Now, let’s move onto the essential products.

Posts BY Hall Madden

Thomas Mason for Hall Madden

A shirt made with Thomas Cloth fabric feels substantial. It is a dynamic cloth that instantly looks upscale to the eye. It is for this reason we have decided to partner with one of Europe’s elite mills.

Founded more than two-and-a-half centuries ago, Thomas Mason is one of the most recognizable names in luxury shirting.  While Thomas Mason today is milled under the Italian Albini Group, it still remains a distinct British identity with bold checks sitting in collections alongside a variety of crisply-woven business solids in various weaves.

Federico P. in Custom Loro Piana Suit

Washington D.C. Trunk Show: Nov 4-6

Tuxedo Knowledge with San Francisco lead fitter Andrew Miltiades

Nick B. in Custom Suit

FW 17 Fabric Review: Zegna vs. Loro Piana

The typical suit cloth weighs around 250 grams (or 8 oz.) per square meter. The two collections featured below weigh over 300 grams and are some our favorites for fall-winter-spring.

Heavier cloth will drape better, avoid creasing when fitted close to the body, and yet feels substantially soft in the hand. Learn more about how these two compare and experience them for yourself at any of our studios.

Announcing our Italian made dress shoes

Posts By Reeves NYC




Colibri described  by Scabal in their own words: True to its avian namesake, the award winning Colibri collection is alive with color and energy.

Including 18 articles that each experiment with color, weave or sheen. Gun club checks, jacquard patterns and checks are just some of the designs available, with others so innovative they have not yet been named.

Such a colorful collection is ideal for the informal connoisseur who wants something different, and the fashion forward man who enjoys style experimentation.


After a big push by designers and cloth houses on Tweed last fall/winter, this years “fall cloth” for Reeves has been lighter weight flannel. Both Loro Piana and Scabal released new, and chunky flannel books last year and this got a lot people in the tailoring community (myself included) very excited about this cold weather cloth.



It was Labor Day yesterday which means summer has drawn to a close here in the U.S. Early birds are already ordering flannels and tweeds, and I myself am looking forward to dressing up in some new fall clothes.

Before we move into Fall/Winter, I thought I would share a little retrospective of some of the clothing I made up this past Spring/Summer.


The time has come for the next step in my business.David Reeves Modern English Tailor was a bit long, so I am now:




Less Ron Burgundy and more Dean Martin or James Brown. This Burgundy summer suit has a three button fastening with hacking pockets and a ticket pocket to give it a more 60s vibe, not to mention it being half lined with a psychedelic laser print. The cloth is Dormeuil Silk and Linen which is very strong and light. Even if not worn as a suit, the jacket can be worn nicely with a white trouser and brown shoes. A less commercial color choice for sure but a rather fun piece for parties or maybe a trip to Vegas.


Mike Maroney’s recent article for “life, tailored”, featuring thoughts and photographs from David Reeves:



This Spring/Summer my offerings have a distinctly late 70s early 80s theme, influences include Scarface and new wave with particular nods to bands like Roxy Music and the Jam. Solid satin ties in a vibrant, modern color palette punctuate light weight and glamorous summer suits.


Describe the steps taken during the initial consultation to insure the client’s ultimate satisfaction.

It’s all rather simple and informal really. I will usually sit a client down, sometimes over a drink, and start asking him or her about themselve’s. Those questions actually give me clues about the client’s lifestyle, so that I can zone in one what they are looking to order. We’ll go over cloths, after narrowing down the selection to weight, price point and maybe color. After the cloth is selected, we pick a lining and talk about style options, this is actually quite straight forward. Then I measure up the client. The whole process of this first initial meeting should take about an hour.


Just put this double breasted flannel suit on my dress form.


I get asked this a lot these days working in New York. What exactly is a Bespoke Suit? What goes into it? Well, here is the Oxford dictionary definition of Bespoke:

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This Month in Bespoke: Mark Russell Clothing

Mark Goldman noticed there was a void in the men’s clothing industry – a lack of well-made suits. Knowing that many powerful businessmen need to dress well but just don’t have enough time in their day, he created Mark Russell Clothing, and set out on a journey to find his niche in the clothing world by providing his services to very busy professionals who didn’t have time or didn’t love shopping. In the short three years since its inception, his business has expanded to creating finest quality, 100% bespoke clothing for top CEO’s, lawyers, doctors, business professionals, and even celebrities and athletes, in the comfort of their own homes or offices. With such quality clothing and an extensive list of high-profile clientele, it’s no wonder that most of his clients are repeats.

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We’re all guilty of making New Year resolutions we never keep. From hitting the gym to eating more vegetables, many of our resolutions are as faint of a memory as our champagne toasts on New Years Eve. Even though our intentions are coming from a good place, our execution is off. The bottom line is that we’re all trying to be a better version of our 2013 selves.

Rather than falling off the all vegan, gluten-free, wheat grass wagon, use this year’s resolution as a commitment to put your best foot forward and invest in yourself. One of the best places to start is with an updated wardrobe. Considering there’s a direct correlation between your wardrobe and your level of personal and professional success, it makes sense to keep it up to date and current.



I went to Balani with no expectations, but was blown away by their fantastic service. I walked into the store on a cold afternoon, and was immediately welcomed by Will Hightower, who helped me design a custom blazer/pant combo. After sampling a range of fabrics and looking at various designs, Will helped guide me through the fabric selection and at a price that was in my range. Within a few weeks, the suit had arrived and I went in to try it on and get a second fitting. I cannot stress the importance of the second fitting enough. The suit goes from great to stellar when they fine tune the tailoring.


From the heartland of Texas all the way to the coast of New England, winter has arrived in the form of drastically low temperatures and aggressive snowstorms. Thankfully, there are 5 clothing essentials for winter that ensure you’ll look great throughout the cold months ahead.

Cashmere Overcoat

Need to make a good first impression? Your overcoat is the best way to do it.

Whether you’re walking to work, or headed to an important business meeting, your overcoat is the first thing that your client’s will notice. Typically we rely on an impactful suit, shirt or tie to make a statement, but during winter they are hidden under an overcoat. That’s why it’s important your coat exemplifies sophistication, style, and elegance. Hence, why cashmere is the perfect fabric


Crain’s Chicago Business

Nicely suited: New shops expand Chicago’s custom menswear scene By: Brigid Sweeney October 18, 2013

BALANI Custom Clothiers, a 53-year-old custom suitmaker based in the Loop, is expanding to a second location in Houston and has hired seven sales representatives in other cities across the country. Owner Sonny Balani, who took over the business from his father, Peter, said he expects revenue to grow to $6 million from $3.2 million by the end of next year. A suit at BALANI starts at $895.

Mr. Balani hired Christian Boehm, a two-decade custom clothing veteran, to launch the Houston business.


One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is whether or not it’s ok to wear a navy suitjacket as a navy blazer. While many of us are guilty of this offense, it doesn’t negate the fact that a navy blazer and a navy suit jacket are two entirely different garments. Sure, they are both blue and yes, from a distance they look similar; however, saying there’s no difference between a navy blazer and navy suit jacket is like saying there’s no difference between a deep-dish pizza and thin crust pizza. While both share similar characteristics and traits, there are substantial distinctions between the two.


A man’s drink of choice is as unique as his fashion sense. Some of us prefer whiskey, while others like fruity drinks with an umbrella hanging off the side. No judgment if you fall into the latter category. Even though our tastes can change from time to time, there’s always one drink you go back to night after night. This my friends, is your “Libashion.” Never heard of it? Let me explain, a “libashion” is the corresponding fashion to your libations. It’s the bro to your bromance or the man to your mantrum. We promise to never use those words again.

The Martini Guy

For those of you who are “shaken, not stirred” and occasionally dirty with extra blue cheese olives, your overall style is elegant, classic and sophisticated. In your eyes, black tie optional always means wearing a tuxedo, and you’re usually one of the best-dressed men in the room. You gravitate towards sleek, minimalist styles and you who heartedly believe that less is always more. Most of the suits in your wardrobe are solid colors and your shirt and ties combinations are frequently monochromatic. For you, simplicity is key.

The Scotch Guy

Whether it’s on the rocks or neat, your drink of choice represents your smooth, commanding style. You enjoy scotch for its complexity and robustness just like you enjoy a power suit for everything it embodies. You’re not afraid to be noticed or make an impact when you walk into a room.

When it comes to suits, you are drawn toward bold suit patterns such as chalk stripes, windowpanes and glen plaids. Unlike the ‘Martini Guy,’ you are a fan of accessorizing you ensemble with unique details. For this reason, you consider a pocket square and tie clip instrumental pieces of your ensemble.

The Wine Guy

“That’s a very nice Chardonnay you’re not drinking.” If you relate to this quote, then you’re probably one of these three things, a ‘Wine Guy,’ an Italian, or a fan of American Pyscho.

Similar to the ‘Martini Guy’ your style is fresh, classic, and semi-preppy.  You trend toward the conservative side, but you aren’t afraid of mixing patterns and textures into your wardrobe either. You embrace earth tones and rich colors like plum and midnight navy, but you also gravitate to warmer colors in the spring and summer. Like the layers of flavor in wine, you’ve mastered the art of layering fabrics no matter what the season.


Why is a navy suit considered a favorite among most men? Simply put, it’s the equivalent of a perfect girlfriend- comfortable in every situation, low-maintenance and always looks good.

The strongest characteristic of a navy suit is its chameleon-like ability to seamlessly blend into a variety of situations, maximizing its versatility. Whether you need it for work or play, day or night, a navy suit easily transforms into 3 entirely different looks depending on what you pair it with.

The Three-Piece Power Suit

In order for a suit to be considered a power suit, it is required to have the necessary accouterments to take it to the next level.  A vest is one of the simplest ways to increase the formality of the suit. By layering the vest over a crisp white shirt, you’ve added visual interest and given the suit a sculpted feel.


LUXE Chicago City Guide

Balani Custom Clothiers is honored to be featured in the latest edition of the LUXE Chicago City Guide, the fourth edit



July 10, 2013

When purchasing a suit, whether its custom or off-the-rack, its important to find a cut and style that is up-to-date and proportional for your body type. One of the most common questions men ask us, is whether they should purchase a two-button or three-button suit. There are two factors that come into play when making this decision: proportion and trend. Proportion:

Ever wondered why you see football players in two-button suits, and basketball players in a three butt on or even four-button suit? Simple, it’s all about proportion.

Height is the most significant factor when deciding between a two-button versus a three-button suit. The biggest misconception of a three-button suit is that it gives the illusion of height; when in fact, it’s the exact opposite. A three-button suit looks best on men who are at least 6 feet or taller, because when the top button of the jacket is buttoned, it rests higher on the chest shortening the v-cut shape of the jacket.


The Blackhawks are toting around the Stanley Cup, the weather is hot and humid, and festivals are popping up in every neighborhood. This can only mean one thing – summer in Chicago has finally arrived.

Now that we have officially said goodbye to spring, it’s time to get your wardrobe ready for the onslaught of heat that will inevitably conquer our Windy City. These 5 summer essentials will help you combat the heat while guaranteeing you’ll be one of the most stylish guys in the city.

Khaki Suit

A staple for summer, the khaki suit should be considered the blank canvas of suiting. It is extremely versatile and its biggest strength lies in its ability to transform simply by what you pair it with. For a casual, daytime look, wear it with a polo shirt and brown loafers. If you have a wedding on the beach, pair it with a white button down and a knit tie (we’ll get to that in a minute).


A staple for summer, the khaki, suit is extremely versatile and lends itself to a variety of looks. Consider it a blank canvas, capable of being transformed simply by what you pair it with.

The Casual Khaki

The easiest way to get a casual look without looking like you’re on an African Safari is to wear your khaki suit with a knit shirt, or to break it up and wear it as separates.

Whether you go with a nautical stripe or simple pastel, a polo shirt will give your khaki suit that casual appearance you can’t achieve with a button down. To complete the look, add a canvas belt and brown loafers.

Sometimes break ups are a good thing, and in this case, breaking up your khaki suit as using it as separates is a great thing. If you don’t want to wear the same outfit to happy hour that you wore to work, simply ditch the tie and suit pants, and wear your jacket with jeans or a pair of cotton slacks instead. This way you’re guaranteed to have a completely different look from day to night.


While many of us are used to determining ROI for work purposes, we often forget to apply that same concept to our day-to-day expenses. Your professional wardrobe is a perfect example. It’s important to realize that your professional attire is an asset and should be treated as an investment rather than an expense.

Knowing how your wardrobe impacts the way people perceive you is incredibly valuable and can singlehandedly help you establish credibility and trustworthiness in the professional world.

People develop judgments based upon your appearance in less than a half a second. Meaning that your coworkers, your clients, and anyone professionally senior to you, will subconsciously make a snap judgment on your worth, success, and capabilities simply by what you have on.

So, how does this apply to you? Well, it’s important to realize that your professional wardrobe is extremely influential and when applied in the right way, can help you garner greater personal and professional success. Let’s face it, when you’re dressed well, you not only feel confident, you act confident. You exude strength and success.


Why? Because They’re Pros At Making You Look Good. Ask Men Chicago –

What were you doing in 1961? Well, Balani Custom Clothiers was making impeccably stylish suits, and they’re actually still doing it today. The garment-customizing pros at Balani have applied a contemporary filter to its styles through the ages, and continue to impress customers with top-notch clothing that fits as well as a spacesuit glove. Whether you’re looking for a slim or traditional-fit suit, these guys have you covered, and can even hook up pants that sport grip guards so that shirts resist becoming untucked. They say that clothes make the man. if that’s the case, a stop here would make you a self-made man, wouldn’t it?


As the weather slowly warms up in Chicago, so should the fabrics in your wardrobe. It is spring, after all!

Sure it’s been exasperatingly rainy and a high of 45° for the last couple weeks, but Chicago’s weather is notoriously fickle, and is bound to warm up in a matter of days. That being said, now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with these spring fabrics.

While an onslaught of flannel suits and heavyweight slacks are great for the cold winter months, they are horrible for a hot, spring day in Chicago. Adding fabrics like tropical wool, cotton and linen will help your wardrobe evolve for the warmer months ahead.

The easiest way to transition your work wardrobe for spring is by adding a tropical wool suit to your rotation. Tropical wool is one of the best fabrics for a summer suit because of its breathability, delicate hand, and ability to wick away moisture. Typically between 7 and 8 ounces in weight, tropical wools are ideal for the office, summer weddings or an outdoor event.


It’s 6:00pm on Saturday night, and you and your friends have plans to get dinner and drinks in River North. While jeans and a T-shirt might be your typical outfit of choice, it’s important to remember, that it’s always better to be overdressed rather than underdressed.  So the question remains, what should you wear?

The answer is simple, when in doubt, add a sport coat. A suit is great for a special occasion, but a sport coat is the best choice for a regular night out.  Sport coats automatically dress up your outfit; giving you an edge over everyone else who’s simply wearing jeans and a button down shirt.


Your wedding is a few months away, you haven’t picked out what to wear, you don’t have gifts for your groomsmen, and you have no idea where to start. Don’t worry; BALANI is well equipped to handle such a situation.

When it comes to your wedding, you want to make sure that you are the best-dressed man in the room. You are the groom, after all. So why would you spend the time and money on renting an ill-fitting tuxedo for one night, when you can have a custom suit or tuxedo made and you’ll be able to use it for years to come? Not only will your suit/tuxedo fit perfectly, you’ll also have the ability to add all those special wedding details, guaranteeing you’ll be in a one-of-a-kind ensemble on your wedding day.



Chicago spring is around the corner, bringing warmer weather, brighter colors and the opportunity to ditch those heavyweight flannels for some lightweight wools and cottons. This season is all about color, so swap out your black and dark navy clothes for some warmer grays and brighter blues.

Here are 5 essential items that are must-haves for this spring.

The New Navy

Goodbye to the days where navy equaled ‘almost black’ and hello to the newer, brighter and more enticing navy. While a classic navy suit  is a wardrobe staple, it’s important to add some variety to your basics. A British blue suit is the perfect addition because it’s a brighter blue without being overly bold. Wear it with a crisp white shirt, chestnut brown shoes, and a camel color belt and you’re guaranteed to be one of the most dapper gentlemen in the Loop.


When it comes to purchasing your first custom suit, the important thing to consider is versatility. Being that it will be the only custom suit in your wardrobe, it is likely that you’ll be wearing it for a variety of events.  Whether you’re going to a job interview, a business meeting or a wedding, this suit must transition effortlessly into each scenario.

So, what color suit should you buy first?  For most people, it’s a toss up between a solid charcoal and a solid navy suit. While a strong argument can be made for each suit, our personal preference is to start with a charcoal suit and add a navy suit second.

Our reasoning for this is simple. Not only is charcoal incredibly versatile, it also conveys the appearance of confidence, loyalty and strength making it a fundamental piece of your professional wardrobe. What makes charcoal so versatile is its ability to be dressed up or down with almost any color or pattern. Also charcoal matches beautifully with black, brown, burgundy, and chestnut shoes.



Wedding season is around the corner, and inevitably your mailbox is flooding with save the dates and elaborate wedding invitations. Whether you’re a guest or maybe even the groom, one of the biggest questions that you’ll face is whether it’s appropriate to wear a tuxedo or a suit to the wedding.

To start, it’s important to know the difference between a tuxedo and a suit. Satin lapels and a satin stripe down the side of the slacks are the distinguishing characteristics of a tuxedo.  Typically, traditional tuxedos are black, white, or even midnight navy. Suits offer more of a variety in color and pattern.

When trying to figure out which option is best, consider these three things: Time, venue and the bride’s gown.


The general rule of thumb for weddings is the later the ceremony, the more formal the event and ultimately the attire.  A wedding is considered to be formal when the ceremony is conducted at 6:00pm or later.  Tuxedos are the most appropriate attire for this kind of event.


It’s officially the start of 2013, and the best part about the New Year, is the opportunity for a fresh start. It is the reason why we take it upon ourselves to make a new year’s resolution, or add new workout regimes to our weekly routine, or try to hit new goals at work. It’s the reason we ditch the tired clothes of our past and indulge with fresh looks for the New Year.

One thing we all learned from the movies, is that the ‘nerd’ can become ‘the cool guy’ simply by cutting his hair, taking off his glasses and putting on some new clothes. It’s why we feel an increase of sense confidence when we put on a new suit. It’s why we reach for our favorite shirt, or lucky tie when we get dressed for a big meeting or hot date.  There’s an undeniable sense of confidence when we wear something new and let’s face it, there’s something to be said for kicking off the New Year in style.

Here are the three things your should add to your custom wardrobe this year.


Flat Front vs. Pleated Slacks

Whether you’re purchasing your first custom suit or a pair of custom slacks, it can be somewhat difficult to decide on whether you should opt for a flat front or pleated look.  There are a few things to consider when making this judgment call.

1.) What kind of fit do you want your suit to have?

When designing a custom suit, it is important to keep all of the proportions balanced. If you prefer a trim cut jacket, think early 60’s, or Mad Men-like, then your slacks should match accordingly. Flat front slacks are the best option for a trim cut suit. When going with a flat front, your custom tailor is able to cut your slacks trimmer in the thigh and knees.

If you prefer a more traditional fit, with a little more room to spare, then pleats are a much better option.


Cashmere /kazh-meer/ A luxury natural fiber found from the soft fleecy undergrowth of the Kashmir goat, found in Tibet, Mongolia, China, Iraq, Iran, and India. It is most commonly used in sweaters, shawls, suits and outerwear for its warmth and softness.


Angora /ang-gawr-uh/ The hair of the Angora goat, also known as angora mohair. Angora may also refer to the fur of the Angora rabbit. The FTC requires any clothing containing Angora rabbit hair to be labeled as such on each garment.


Large Design Tailor Made Suit

When designing a custom made suit for the first time, there are 5 key things you should consider: Your tailor, your fit, your lapel style, your slacks style, and the finishing details.

1.) Tailor

There are three people that every man needs to have on speed dial, a doctor, a lawyer, and a tailor. If this is your first time venturing into the world of custom, you want to make sure you are going to a respected tailor who you can trust.  When looking for a tailor, a good place to start is with online reviews and referrals from your friends.  Once you’ve narrowed down your search, look closely for quality, outstanding customer service, awards and recognition, tradition and a focus on custom experience.

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The end of the year is here, which can only mean one thing: it’s party season.

When the nights draw in and the lights go down, embrace the spirit of night-time revelry.
November is here, which, of course, welcomes the arrival of moustache season.

More than 11,000 men die from prostate cancer in the UK each year – that’s one man every 45 minutes.

We’re hitting the road, touring the country with our Tailor Me Cart, measuring up the men of Britain.
When the cold weather kicks in, layering is your friend.

  It’s that time of year again and you’re going to need a new winter coat to defend against the oncoming chill.

It’s true, a little rain never hurt anybody.
What would a shirt be without the collar and cuffs? The backbone of any shirt, they help keep its structure and make sure you look sharp with or without a jacket.

  In the Suit Up revolution, it’s essential you pay attention to the fine print.

Planning a winter wedding? If your big day’s taking place during the chillier months, the usual groom-staples of light fabrics and pastel floral accessories aren’t going to cut it in a draughty church or in wintry outdoor wedding shots.
Like it or not, winter is on its way… As the nights get darker, and the weather gets colder, our friends at grüum are back to share their tips on how to keep your skin in check over those chilly winter months.

If looking smart with minimal effort is your goal when getting dressed, a tailored jacket is your wardrobe trump card.

Inspired by traditional British tweed, this season’s tailored jackets have been rebuilt for the man of today.
Got a wedding to go to this autumn? By this time of year you’ve probably mastered your warm-weather-wedding outfit, but what do you wear as a wedding guest when the weather drops? Crisp days and darker evenings mean autumn weddings are well suited to heavier fabrics and richer colours.
Your suit lapels say more about you than you might think.
You know what they say – knowledge is power.
Looking for standout groom style? You’ve come to the right place.
Weekends away, business trips or just long days in the office – wherever you are, staying looking sharp can be made easier with a few tricks up your (well-cuffed) sleeve.
In the first of a new series, we’ve asked our in-store Tailoring Experts to give their styling advice for specific occasions you’ll need to suit up for.
As the new season well and truly kicks in, we’re taking the Suit Up revolution up a gear.
Know your herringbone from your Prince of Wales? Your windowpane from your mélange? The menswear world has enough technical terms to knock even the most practised dresser off his best game and, with pattern now a prominent player in any tailoring line-up, it’s a smart move to learn what they all mean.
The Suit Up revolution is all about making your mark in the world.
With workwear this good, you’ll be glad that Monday morning’s come quickly.
When it comes to the whistle and flute, Ted Baker is a man who knows.
If there’s one item that sets you apart as a man who dresses well, it’s a waistcoat.
Tired of the same old look? The start of the new season is the ideal time to sharpen up – and that includes your barnet.
What do your shoes say about you? Man about town or casual day-tripper? Country gentleman or city slicker? Whatever your style, shoes can make or break an outfit – wearing the same generic pair to work, play and weddings is definitely not putting your best foot forward.
We asked blogger Carl Thompson to show us how you can raise your grey suit game.
Most of us will receive an invite that gives a ‘lounge suits’ dress code at some point in our adult lives.

  Being brave enough to show your colours means standing tall and letting your individual style shine through.

Think colour is only for the bold? Sure – colour might be your surest route to stand out in a crowd, but it’s also surprisingly versatile.
We believe that caring about the details makes the difference between just turning up and being well turned-out.

  So you’re looking to buy a new suit but where do you start? For something worn by so many men all over the world, it’s actually very common to be a bit unsure of what it is you actually want – particularly if it’s your first time.


If the Suit Up revolution stands for anything, it’s for dressing sharply and making things happen.
Pack away your t-shirts.
When it comes to looking and feeling your best, what you wear is only part of the story.
You’re an original, so what you wear should be too.
Tempted to create your own one-of-a-kind suit? Or perhaps you’ve already made your Tailor Me appointment? Smart move! A custom-made suit is a rite of passage for many men and nothing will ever feel as great as tailoring that’s been crafted to suit you, and only you.
We all know a great suit can take you places.
Showing that you care is the mark of a great man.
Every movement has a set of rules.
Men of Britain, change is in your hands.
Being a top groomsman requires more than just looking slick in a well-tailored suit.
At Moss Bros.

 Heading to Wimbledon? Britain’s most prestigious sporting occasion is known the world over for its distinct style, so what should you wear if you’re lucky enough to have nabbed tickets this year? There’s no strict dress code unless you’re in the Royal Box or VIP suite, but as a spectator, it’s only polite to nod […]


Balmy weather and sunshine are always welcome, but feeling hot and bothered at the wedding of the season, race day or an important meeting is never ideal.
Left your prom outfit to the last minute? Let blogger Mikko show you how easy it is to put together a look that’ll put you firmly centre stage.
It’s sale time.
Sleek, supple, resilient: Serving up our extra slim fit stretch shirt.
Wedding season is upon us and the chances are you’ve got at least one big day to attend over the coming months.
There’s nobody quite like your dad so, this Father’s Day, give him a gift that shows you appreciate the kind of man he is.
Did you wear Moss Bros.
Going to Royal Ascot? As the centrepiece of the British racing calendar, this prestigious event is steeped in history and you’ll be subject to a suitably stern dress code.

It’s always a treat to see our Tailor Me suits out in the world and we loved seeing photographer Q Mike show off his creation in suitably elegant style at Daunt Books in London’s Marylebone.

Finely tailored, great quality and a signature quirky take on the details: for over a decade, we’ve worked with famed British brand Ted Baker to bring you our edit of exclusive tailoring alongside distinctly dapper shoes and accessories.

 How do you stand out in a sea of suits, when the required dress code is – well – a suit? At Moss Bros.


Something borrowed, something blue? Bold blue wedding suits are an on-trend choice for big day style, but we also know that not just any blue will do.

The weekday wardrobe: it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you’re faced with strict office dress codes.
It’s your suit, so you should have it whichever way suits you.
Not everyone needs to wear a suit to work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work a little tailoring into your everyday style.
Your 9-5 can be anything but, so you need a suit with the tools to keep pace.
If you visited us at the National Wedding Show in London or Birmingham this year, you might have noticed some beautiful boutonnieres adorning our suits and jackets (you might have spotted them in our lookbook too).
If you work in an office, chances are you’ll need to wear a shirt and tie at least some of the time and will be familiar with the morning struggle of matching them up.
‘Made in Italy’ is a phrase we all know as one that stands for quality, craftsmanship and luxurious style, but there’s also a distinct look to the way the most stylish Italian men put themselves together.
Tails? Tweeds? Or something blue? Today’s grooms are more stylish than ever with lots of men after a look that’s just as show-stopping as their better half’s (or almost, anyway).
It’s easier than you think to create your perfect suit.
Refined tailoring is always in style, but this season traditional office wear gets a bold, new update.
From choosing your prom outfit to making an entrance, here’s how to make prom a night to remember.
A new season, a new breed of British tailoring.
Looking to pull out all the stops for your prom outfit this year, but not quite sure where to start? If you’re feeling a bit unsure on how to make your style work for a formal event, take some tips from Man For Himself.

Newly engaged? Congratulations! Now you’ve got the perfect reason to pop some champagne and celebrate with your nearest and dearest before the planning for your big day begins.

The festivities are well and truly over for another year and you’re probably feeling a bit sluggish as you head into 2017.
You’ve had your fill of turkey and have just about recovered from New Year’s Eve, but now it’s time to go back to work.

Thinking hard about what to wear to your prom this year? Quite right! Prom’s probably going to be one of the biggest nights of your life so far, so it calls for making an impression in your sharpest look ever.

Prom’s your night to show up and stand out.

Congratulations – you’ve just about made it through to the end of the working year.

The traditional suede desert boot is a year-round staple in any man’s wardrobe – and for good reason.

With over 165 years of tailoring expertise under our belt, we’ve helped generations of men look their best on their special occasions.
So you’ve got your Christmas party outfit sorted, but what about your hair? This is no time for a “quick back and sides”, so we’ve enlisted Gavin from Richard Ward Hair to give us his top trends to ensure your ‘do looks the part for any party that comes your way this December.

Got a Christmas party on the radar but tired of the same old black tie look? Take your style cue from The Gentleman Blogger Matthew Zorpas, the sharp dresser who’s all about encouraging men to be a bit braver in their fashion choices.

It’s that time of year and we’ve all got at least one festive party to go to in the lead up to Christmas.
Tired of traditional? We’ve got just the thing.

The bow tie has been around the block a bit over the decades, going in and out of popularity like most good trends do.

Great news – the end of the school year is just around the corner! That means 6 glorious weeks of holiday are in sight, but before that – and more importantly – there’s prom to think about.
After working 9-5 for the whole year, it’s time for a few well-deserved parties.

Unless you’re lucky enough to work from home, from the second you leave the house your work clothes will have to perform – whether your commute involves saddling up by bike, contorting onto the tube or battling through whatever the British weather throws at you.

Slipping a folded square into your top pocket is one of the easiest ways to instantly take your look from so-so to sharp.
There are plenty of guys out there who are bringing their own individual styles to menswear.

The first rule to getting tailoring just right? Getting the right fit.

Got yourself an invitation to Royal Ascot? Lucky you! The world’s most famous race meeting is an exhilarating day out but it does come with its own set of style rules that must be followed.
A staple in most men’s wardrobes, we probably all own a white shirt of some description.
Best dressed doesn’t always equal success, but we think it’s a great place to start.
So you’re tying the knot? First things first: congratulations! Now that the courage and shock are out the way, you’ve got to actually start planning the big day.
2016 marked 165 years of tailoring expertise under our belt, and to celebrate we proudly launched our brand new personalisation service Tailor Me across our UK stores.

The end of the summer signifies the return to routine for many.


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Suit Yourself: People With Style

Posted on January 3, 2008 by Samantha
A New Year calls for a new person with style entry! this week 9tailors presents: Alice Lu. If you had a chance to raid someone else’s closet (without getting picked up by the police and charged with theft), who’s would it be? My choice would be Alice Lu, hands down. It’s a treasure trove of Chanel handbags,…

9tailors is in Boston Brides Magazine

Posted on March 9, 2009 by Samantha
Our friends over at Boston Brides have mentioned us in their Spring/Summer 2009 issue! It is such an honor to be mentioned in this very lovely wedding resource. Pick up your issue today. Check out page 180. Need grooms and groomsmen style advice? Contact a wedding specialist.

Women’s Shirts Preview

Posted on May 5, 2009 by Samantha
Here’s a sneak peak at our women’s custom dress shirts Dress shirts start at $60.00 for cotton-polyester and $90 for 100% premium cotton. If you want to order your own women’s custom dress shirt, contact a 9tailors Stylist.

9tailors Model Call

Posted on January 27, 2010 by Samantha
9tailors, Boston’s premier custom e-tailor, is looking for male and female models for upcoming photo shoots. Think clean, young, fresh, romantic; visit 9tailors and Christian Schlubach for a sense of our aesthetic. Diversity in size, shape, and color appreciated. Experience preferred. Looking to book in two weeks. First photo shoot will be in February. …

Pretty In Pink – Custom Dress Shirts For Mom

Posted on April 24, 2010 by Samantha
Mother’s Day is just around the corner, on Sunday, May 9! So, why not treat your mom to a personalized gift? She picks out the fabric, the collar style, the accents…It’s like build-a-bear for your shirt. So, even if you and your mom have completely different styles…you’ll rest assured knowing that she’ll wear her shirt…

Posts By Brooklyn Tailors

John Mulaney at 2017 Mark Twain Prize for American Humor

John is wearing our Full Canvas Tailored Jacket & Trousers in Bright Navy

Actor Michael Kelly (2nd from left), who plays Doug Stamper on Netflix’s hit show “House of Cards”

pictured here in our Brooklyn Tailors “Muted Blue Tickweave Suit”.

Have you seen the latest season?

Elijah Wood wearing Brooklyn Tailors on Conan

Here’s Walton Goggins, start of HBO’s Vice Principals

, not to mention so many of your favorite films – seen wearing our Brooklyn Tailors “Tropical Wool & Linen Suit in Black.”

Be sure to catch the premiere of the 2nd season of Vice Principals Sept. 17th!

Walton Goggins featured in “TV’s Top 30 Scene-Stealers”

The Hollywood Reporter Magazine | June 2017

Actor Walton Goggins (seated, front / center) in our BKT50 Charcoal Twill Super 110s Jacket.

Live with Kelly & Michael | August 2014

Daniel Radcliffe made an appearance on Live with Kelly & Michael just earlier this month to talk about his new film ‘What If’. He wore a Brooklyn Tailors gray tropical wool suit and paired it with a pair of sneakers.


Here are a couple photos of our friend Jason Sigg in a custom Brooklyn Tailors tux, shirt and bow tie.  He recently got married out in Arizona and was so kind to send us some really awesome photos. Check out the rest of them here on our wedding blog!

If you were up early, perhaps you caught Daniel Radcliffe on the Today Show

wearing a Brooklyn Tailors suit. — Full look: @brooklyntailors @everlane @commonprojects

Congrats to @joshuahutch12 for being named one of the best-dressed short men by Details Magazine.

He’s pictured wearing our Pixel Weave Necktie in Burgundy and Blue, currently 50% off in our web store.

Posts by Sene Studio

In Residence: The Best Looking Custom Watch Company (Nov)

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Every month we spotlight brands and artists with exceptional design. This month we are proud to showcase Tinker, a custom watch company based in New York City.

Tinker uses exceptional materials and components, combined with a modular assembly approach so that you can choose exactly what you want.

Their components include sapphire crystal glass to waterproof hardware to the finest leather and swiss components. In addition to Tinker’s full line, we are also sneak previewing new Tinker products at our LA flagship store through Nov 28.

We’re giving away a free $30 Sene gift card with every Tinker purchase. We’ll see you in-store!

Our Secret Master Plan

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The mission of Sene is to accelerate the world’s transition to truly personalized sizing.

Fashion is the second most wasteful industry in the world. But most efforts, though well-intentioned and helpful, are at the end of the funnel and focused on more sustainable materials and better recycling. This doesn’t solve the fact that billions of dollars of clothing each year are dumped into landfills because no person wanted to buy it.

We are building a future where you can buy beautiful clothing that is made to fit just the way you like, delivered in a few days. Our conviction is that for this to be a true alternative to mass-produced clothing, we must first design garments with unique design merit on its own. So we launched Sene, a minimalist clothing line focused on exceptional materials, born with custom-fit in its DNA.

Similar to Tesla and the electric car industry, almost any new technology initially has high unit cost before it can be optimized. The strategy of Sene is to create an accessible luxury brand at the high end of the market, and then go down market as we leverage scale to create increasingly more affordable options for everyone as each year passes.

What Is Gabardine And Why Do You Need To Wear It?

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Most people have heard of the fabric gabardine but don’t know anything about it. It is one of our favorite materials and it has an incredible history.

The Origin

Gabardine was actually created by the founder of Burberry, Thomas Burberry, in the the late 1800s. Burberry wanted to create a versatile fabric blend that would hold up well to a lot of wear and tear.

Burberry drew his inspiration and the name for his new fabric from the gaberdina of the Middle ages. Gabardina were loose and long garments that were worn over the breeches and blouses. Typically, beggars used them for extra protection from the elements. Often, the gabardina were tied around the waist.

In order to create his new material, Burberry came up with a tightly woven fabric that relied heavily on worsted wool. The weave of the worsted wool was relatively smooth on one side, and had a ribbed appearance on the other side.

How To Own Your Professional Style with Mr. Ben Brooks

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Ben Brooks, an executive coach, and CEO of PILOT has helped countless executive and founders achieve their career goals. A key piece to their success, says Ben, is their intentionality with style.

How to Wash & Dry Clean Your Dress Shirts

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How To Dress Like Ryan Gosling

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At this year’s Golden Globes, Ryan Gosling channels a timeless Hollywood look: a white shawl-collared tuxedo with luxurious black bow tie.

To pull off this look, everything must fit immaculately or you’ll risk looking like a waiter serving champagne and snacks. You’ll want to make sure the material, construction and details are spot-on.

Expect to see Mr. Gosling (or “The Gos”) dressed to the nines for countless award shows this season. We may not be able to learn jazz piano as quickly as he did for the show, but we certainly can take style cues from him.

Mr. Cash Lawless – Celebrity Hair Stylist

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Many a Vogue cover showcases Cash’s work. Yet he is a rare gem in an industry where superficiality is common. Extremely disciplined, driven and hard-working, Cash also prioritizes his family above all else. And besides working magic with hair, Cash started and runs a real-estate company with his wife and brother-in-law.

Do Right By Everyone

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[Written by founder Ray Li  |  Photo of Ray & his wife Krista in the early days]

The big question when I started Sene was: could we build something that really did a good thing?

– Could we offer great design and quality without unfair markups and still thrive?
– In an industry that often sells discontentment, can we elevate art & design over consumerism?
– Can we show the value and goodness of ethical overseas partnership while also supporting the return to manufacturing in the US?
– Can we build a culture with our team where pride and ambition are overcome by generosity and selflessness?

Design: The Dorsey Shirt

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The Dorsey was grounded in a belief that form should stand on its own.Without relying on loud detailing, there should be a purity of shape that is distinctive in its own right.The resulting aesthetic is tempered, simple and balanced.

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