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Custom Suits NYC & Custom Shirts NYC

The value of our hand sewn Bespoke Custom Suits in NYC is unparalleled. Your suits worth will pay dividends for many years.

Invest wisely in a well made, fully canvassed suit. Did you know many suit jackets are not fully canvased? Ask this question first when buying a suit, if not fully canvased it will look old in months.

Our made to Measure Custom Suits are clean and well-tailored starting at $995

Our hand-made Bespoke suits start at $1695, made in NY’s best workroom.


Bespoke Suits NYC

September 18th, 2019 Sew Bespoke Clothing Custom Bespoke Suits $995 Fully canvassed, No fusing The best selection of cloths from Guabello, Barberis, Tessilstrona, We are Manhattans most experienced tailor. Since 1948 we have been in NYC making Custom Clothing. custom bespoke
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Bespoke Clothing

August 27th, 2019 Sew Bespoke Clothing Suit up! Dressing up for work makes you think like a leader Suit up! Dressing up for work makes you think like a leader by Meghan Holohan  Want to manage a new project or move into a leadership role at work? Consider slipping into a suit — or at least more formal clothing. A recent study…