Book an Appointment

APPOINTMENT ONLY   (we would hate to miss you)

We would love to book an appointment with you. It will be easy, relaxing and to the point. We will provide all the information needed for Custom Made Bespoke Suits, Custom Shirts, Wedding Suits and Custom Tuxedos. Thousands of designer fabrics will be displayed for selection. You will be guided in the pros of each and every fabric you are interested in. It is advisable to wear a suit or sport coat to your first fitting, then you can point out to us your likes OR dislikes. We can explain the fit and style alternatives to achieve your perfect garment. We have many finished suits in our showroom, to see the true details of a Bespoke suit.

New York’s Premier Tailor of Bespoke Handmade Suits sewn In New York. Best Fit In NYC. Custom Suits By NY’s Most Experienced Fitter. Great Pricing and Packages.

We are happy to come to your Home or office!

555 5th Avenue NY NY 10037

CALL 212 686 1630


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