Custom Bespoke Tuxedos

Weddings, weddings and more weddings. Custom Tuxedos and wedding go hand in hand. Nothing better than to see a groom in a well made Bespoke tuxedo. We have been at the epicenter of hundreds of nuptials in our storied history. CUSTOM TUXEDOS $1095

There’s a million ways to create a unique look for a wedding with the right well designed tux! 1. Black is not the only color- Navy blue, White, Plaid, 2.Single breasted as well as double breasted are trendy. 3.Peak lapel, Shawl or Notch? 4.Satin trimming or not? 5.Tuxedo shirt or flat front shirt? 6.Wool, Linen, Seersucker cloth? Get the message? There are many many options to consider. We have made each and every wedding suit or tuxedo theme that can be imagined. Does this make us experts on wedding attire? Yes, absolutely! CALL US FOR A CONSULT 212-686-1630