Custom Wedding Tuxedos NYC

NYC and weddings are synonymous, Custom and Tuxedos are like frick and frack. You have found the proper place that puts it all together. SEW Bespoke clothing a family business that traces its roots and first location to Brooklyn in 1948. Harry Wasserberger the family patriarch a tailor and cutter by trade worked long hours and treated everyone fairly. His grandson now presides over the same business with the same work ethic and a sharp sense of style.

Our custom Bespoke Tuxedos begin at $1095, even at that low price we offer Italian fabric and full canvas construction, no fusing or glue here. as one of the longer tenured tailors in Manhattan you will be expertly measured and consulted and coached on every aspect. Fabric weight, texture, color, fit, cut and any personal peeves.

You will love how you feel and look, its guaranteed!