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NYC Wedding Guide Tuxedo or Suit

Ok the date is set and all the planning is a go. What should the groom wear? Custom bespoke tuxedo? Or Custom suit? There is no one answer or one size fits all response to that question. It is your call to make UNLESS there is a set dress code.

There is no more elegant garment to wear than a tailored tuxedo- black or navy blue will do the trick. Yes there are hipper and cooler options like a bright royal blue or a red wine. Both of those are a bit more fashion forward and usually lean to a younger crowd and body type. The collar or lapel dictates quite the look of your tuxedo, Notch collar or lapel is the enduring classic basic, Peak offers a bit of savoir fare, Shawl or round collars are very cool and very James Bond(ish). The fit or cut you desire is the foundation of your tuxedo….Double breasted is both old school for men over 50 and new school for gents below 30! Single breasted one or two button is most popular and provides a way to personalize your look even further. BUT if a suit is more suited to your event?? the world is wide open. Depending on dress code, weather and preference you can wear any color from light blue, black, white, grey and more. Book and appointment to review all your options in person.