Custom Event Tuxedos in NYC

The best and worst thing about a black-tie dress code at an event like the Golden Globes (or for us normal folks, a fancy wedding/charity event/corporate dinner) is how clearly defined the style boundaries are. You are either doing it right, or you are taking a huge risk. Sometimes that risk pays off, as it did tonight with Donald Glover in his brown velvet Gucci tuxedo, but often it does not. Tonight at the Golden Globes though, a few stylish guys (Glover included) stick a pinky toe over that line in a clever way by upsizing their bow-ties to almost Dr. Suess-level largeness (think: 2.5″ or 3″ instead of 1.5″). They didn’t break the rules by doing this, but it stole a bit of attention away anyway

NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images via Getty Images
The bigger, butterfly bow-tie look is charming, sweet, and a little bit ’70s. Instead of Tucker Carlson vibes, it gives you Alessandro Michele vibes. Instead of making you look like the most serious dude in the room, it makes you look like the guy who is for sure going to rage at the after-party. In short, we’re into it. If you’re looking for a subtle way to make a traditional tuxedo look less…traditional, you’d be wise to ditch your Pee-Wee Herman bow-tie and double down on something just as substantial.