Custom Tuxedos NYC

Custom Tuxedo NYC

Custom tuxedos….Ahhh one of my favorite topics. NYC is the place where you can get much use of this sartorial object. Weddings, Corporate events, Opera, Museum parties, Bar Mitzvahs, New Years Eve. This list of potential opportunities to wear a tuxedo is endless. CUSTOM TUXEDOS FROM $1095

Here come the questions… 1.Which style suits me? Single breasted or Double breasted? 2.What lapel would look best on me? Notch? Peak? Shawl? 3.I’ve heard black is not the only color for a Tuxedo? a.Black b.Navy blue c.Eggshell or white d.Bright blue or Dark red wine 4.Fabric type? Tropical wool? Faille weave? silk blend? 5.Do I need a tuxedo shirt with pleats or a true dress shirt with french cuffs?

We would like to have the opportunity to have a consultation with you!