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Best Bespoke Suits NYC

Best Bespoke Suits NYC – Sew Bespoke Clothing is known specifically for this. As a family business we have been tailoring fine Custom suits for 3 generations. We trace our tailoring roots back to pre world war 2. In these past 100 years we have sewn every type of suit, shirt, tuxedo, overcoat, pants that one can imagine. We have catered to every type of man and women. Having created for such a dizzying array of clients you can rest assured we are prepared for you and any specific garment you want to have sewn for yourself.

In the U.S. since 1948 we have maintained shops in Brooklyn and Manhattan. SEW now calls Midtown our home. Central and conveniently located at the cross-section of 5Th Avenue and 46Th Street. Just steps from Grand central terminal and Rockefeller center, also near Penn station. we are perfectly SUITED to meet your needs!

SEW Bespoke considers value to be one of our leading tenets. We offer a full range of custom clothing with many options available such as “fully hand made” & “Rush delivery”