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How to care for your custom suit

1.Generally speaking wool suits need little care. 2.Aside from gentle wrinkle removal – Use a hand steamer, slowly waving it across the fabric until you see the wrinkles fade away.. 3.Dry cleaning is a fairly harsh treatment using chemicals that diminish the feel of the fabric with each treatment. dry cleaning should only be done occasionally unless you have serious stains. 4.Stains! What to do? Buy a specialized stain remover such as afta and closely follow directions on the container. ALWAYS test the cleaner on a hidden part of the fabric to see how it reacts. 5.Ironing your suit, Be very careful, irons get very hot and it is easy to scorch the cloth. Back the iron off its hottest setting to avoid this. Use the steam setting that most irons have. Good Luck and email with any questions you have !