Bespoke custom Suits

NYC’s Premier Custom Suit Maker

No, we are not just Custom Suits NYC, We specialize in Bespoke Shirts, Handmade Tuxedos and Luxurious Coats.

For over 100 years this family owned business has been engaged in the business of custom clothing, we started in Europe and have been working in NY since 1948.

Selecting the finest cloths from across the world and tailoring them right here in New York is nothing new for us. We’ve been doing this since way before it was considered cool or there was such a thing as a millennial.

Way back when there were many dozens of workshops sprinkled throughout Manhattan. Now there are literally just a few. We still have the ability to do this unique way of tailoring.

So join us here at Sew Bespoke Clothing. Depending on your choices, we sell suits from $995 for our associate suit to up to $4500 for our partner suit.