Custom Suits In NYC Since 1948

Custom Suits In NYC since 1948

Looking for a New Tailor? You’ve come to the right place.

Thank You for finding us and we are glad to find YOU as well!

No conjecture here, This family has been engaged tailoring custom suits In NYC since 1948.

Family patriarch Harry wasserberger first opened on St Johns Place in Brooklyn in the Spring of 1948.

In those 70 years we have accumulated vast experience in the art of tailoring.

Some of our most important takeaways:

  1. Always respect what the clients vision is.
  2.  Help the customer make an educated fabric decision(heavy, light, soft, sturdy)
  3. Explain the different fits and cuts available, the pro’s and cons.
  4. Understand the purpose for the suit, Business or Pleasure. (we are well versed in appropriate attire for all industries)
  5. Colors- Yes some people look better in certain colors- we are helpful here too.