Suit Up For Fall In NYC

Post written by Custom Suits NYC by Sew Bespoke Clothing

Fall is upon us! Providing our Sartorial side the opportunity to show off our Bespoke wardrobe.

Pull out the tweed! Flash the cashmere!  Revel in corduroy!

Even better, It’s not really cold yet so your finery will not be covered by your coat(next post).

Layer up, so as the cool mornings warm up by noon, you can simply remove your merino vneck!

Segway your shirt collection towards heavier weaves such a superfine oxfords!

Replace your lightweight tropical pants with twills flannels or faille.

Move those super light suits to the left in your closet and bring out your slightly heavier suits, be it flannel, winter tasmanians or even a fun 10 ounce cotton!