Made To Measure Suits NYC

How to care for your Custom Suits in NYC

An often asked question: How and when should I dry clean my custom suit?

There’s a few answers to this query.

Generally as infrequently as possible, providing the suit does not smell badly. NYC can be rough on fine bespoke suits.

Dry cleaning is a process using assorted chemicals that degrade wools, linens ,cottons or cashmeres rather quickly.

Alternatively buy a hand steamer and pass it over the wrinkled areas several times, most of the wrinkles will fall out!

If there is a true stain that has penetrated the fabric and can not be dabbed off with a clean damp wash cloth, that is the time to have it professionally cleaned.

If you are handy with a steam iron, you can refresh the pants crease and press the larger areas, experiment at less than maximum temperature settings to avoid burning the cloth.

We recommend keeping cedar wood or a moth ball in your closet to fend off any moths!