Dress For Success : Custom Suits NYC

How to dress for success in today’s workplace?

There is no single answer. There are so many dress codes. And some places have no code. Sew Bespoke Clothing would like to guide you to the world of Custom Suits  and Shirts NYC.

Here’s a brief rundown:

Traditional banks and white shoe law firms still encourage or require suits. Many do not require ties.

Private equity firms : depending on the prominence of the firm the upper stratosphere prefer suits be worn.

Physicians : they really run the gamut, ranging from khakis or dress trousers to sport coats and suits. Its usually personal preference.

Marketing and advertising : Senior execs are wearing suits.

Hedge funds : Range from one end to the other, with some dressing casually in chinos and some wearing tailored blazers with jeans and loafers.

Insurance : Really a bastion of suit wearers particularly in Life insurance sales and executives at large insurers.

There are many more professions we can advise on dress codes, reach out to us and we would be happy to put a plan together for you.