Best Custom Suits NYC


#9  Brooks Brothers Custom Suit


Price: $14,500

We start off our list of insanely expensive suits with one that’s only mildly insane.

Brooks Brothers, of course, is a fantastic line that makes sharp suits that impress. And, at around a grand a piece, they aren’t exactly cheap, either. That being said, you don’t think of Brooks Brothers when you think of ultimate extravagance. But a few years back they did begin offering something pretty extravagant: the “ultimate Brooks Brothers suit.” They’re made from fabric that is a blend of super 200s merino wool (i.e., wool that’s as fine as it comes) and Mongolian cashmere. And this fabric isn’t just lying around in some store room somewhere. No, it’s not even woven until an order is placed. So, uh, it’s fresh? Anyway, the weaving is performed on 100-year-old looms in England, and altogether the suits take 6 months to make.

#8 William Fioravanti Bespoke Suits


Price: $20,000

If you’re on the market for a new suit and you’re going to be in Manhattan some time soon, why not stop by Fiorvanti’s on West 57th street. You can choose from one of their numerous custom woven fabrics and get a suit made by a dude who’s won the “Golden Scissors” award from the Academy of Master Tailors in Italy, and who is from a long line of Neapolitan tailors.

Actually, I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t just stop by: because they require appointments. And because, depending on the fabric you choose, and whether you want Mr. Fioravanti himself to make it, it can cost you.

#7 World Wood Record Challenge Cup Suits


Price: $28,00

Each year, Loro Piana, one of the world’s most renowned cashmere manufacturers, sponsors a competition to see who can produce the world’s finest wool. They call it the World Wool Record Challenge Cup. The winner of the competition has and entire year of their harvest purchased by Loro Piana (run by brothers Luigi and Sergio Loro Piana, pictured here) who then weave it into a luxurious fabric from which they cut precisely 50 suits.

In 2012, the winner of the World Record Bale Award was a woman named Susanne Triplett from New South Wales, Australia. She produced wool that was just 11.1 microns in diameter. (FYI, the thinner the wool, the finer the fabric and the nicer is drapes.) The suits they’ll make from her wool will run almost $30,000 a pop.

#6 Brioni Vanquish II

Price: $43,000

In 2008 the world economy hit the crapper. So what did Italian luxury clothier Brioni do? They introduced their most expensive line of suits ever. These suits, which run about $43,000 a piece, are made from the ultra luxurious Vanquish II fabric, which is produced by UK-based cloth-makers Dormeuil. It contains a blend of some of the rarest fibers in the world, including vicuna, qiviuk, and pashmina. Brioni used it to make just 100 handmade suits.

Oh, and if the name Brioni sounds familiar, it’s probably because they’ve been dressing James Bond for years.

#5 Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke

Price: $47,500

Desmond Merrion is one of the finest tailors on London’s legendary Savile Row. And if you’ve got an extra fifty grand just burning a hole in your pocket, instead of buying a new pair of Dockers, why not get yourself one of Merrion’s supreme bespoke suits?

What ‘s so special about them? I’ll let Merrion explain it in his own words:

This service is aimed at the client who wants the absolute truest and purest form of tailoring that money can buy.

I will personally place every single stitch in your suit by hand, a machine will never touch the garment at any stage.

This hand making is the absolute pinnacle of tailoring, and will create a garment that is unique and unparalleled from any other tailor in the world.

Your suit will take me so long to make it can not be measured in man hours, it will take MONTHS of my time to make the perfectly crafted suit.

The finished suit will appear as if it has not been hand crafted, but sculpted around your torso, the wearing of the suit and the softness will be unrivaled by anything else that can be offered from any other tailor or tailoring company.

Yeah, man, keep those machines away from my suit.

#4 Kiton K-50

Price: $60,000

Every single one of Kiton’s suits is made single-handedly by their world famous tailor, Enzo D’Orsi. And what’s that? You can’t make it to London for your fitting? No problem. Enzo will come to you. After all, you’re paying in $60K.

So what’s with the name, K-50? Well, there’s a double meaning there. It take Enzo 50 hours to make each suit, and he only makes 50 per year.

Of course, if you’d like the Kiton look without the absurd price tag, they do offer suits in $5,000 to $8,000 range.

#3 William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke

Price: $75,000

If Desmond Merrion’s $47,500 “supreme bespoke suit” isn’t quite good enough for you, then maybe you should consider one from his Savile Row neighbor, William Westmancott. What does the extra $27,500 get you? No, not a a Ford Taurus. It gets you a 3- or 4-piece suit instead of a 2-piece suit. So basically we’re talking, potentially, about a $27,500 vest.

#2 Alexander Amosu’s Vanquish II Bespoke Suit

Price: $103,000

Alexander Amosu isn’t really a designer. Instead, he’s best described as a luxury goods entrepreneur. He made his fortune making hip-hop ringtones, then turned his sights to making opulent gold and diamond-encrusted mobile phones. In 2009 he decided to do for suits what he did for phones, thus launching his own line of bespoke suits.

It all started with a single suit, though—one with gold and diamond encrusted buttons and made from uber rare viuna and qiviuk wools that are the most expensive in the world. It was custom made for some anonymous London partygoer. After this, he decided to launch a whole line of suits. They don’t all cost a hundred grand, but they are still pretty pricey.

#1 Richard Jewels Diamond Edition

Price: $900,000

Luxury goods designer Stuart Hughes wasn’t about to sit around and let his competitor, Alexander Amosu, retain the title of “World’s Most Expensive Suit.” So he collaborated with world-renowned tailor Richard Jewels to create a suit that makes Amosu’s creation seem almost practical. And they didn’t create just one. They created three.

So what’s the deal with these things? Well obviously, as you can see, they are bedazzled. Specifically, there are 480 half carat diamonds. But in addition to the diamonds, the suits are made from a fabric made of cashmere and silk, and it took 600 man hours to complete each one.

Of course, the only problem with these suits is that they look absolutely ridiculous. But hey, to each his own I guess.

Thank you for the Refined Guy for this lovely informative post.