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Scott Wasserberger

Scott Wasserberger

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Do cheap Custom Suits measure up?

Pun intended! Yes “cheap” can be a relative term. In this case however we are comparing within a niche that is supposed to be high end and reflect the best quality. That is literally what Bespoke infers, Yes, technically it means “Made to order”, but in reality it always implied handmade clothing of the highest standard, with several stages of construction requiring handwork, not machine. The most common places to find handwork in a bespoke garment would be:

  1. Attaching the coat canvas by hand
  2. Setting the sleeves by hand
  3. Attaching the collar and under-collar by hand(my favorite)
  4. Inside sleeve lining and bottom lining attachment.
  5. Super rare lately is a hand curtain in the pants

You would be very lucky to have any of the above on the vast majority of so called Bespoke Custom Suits now being heavily promoted online with great pictures, deceptive websites and inferences to the art of tailoring.

Fabrics are the second most opaque component after construction. In china, If you ae not careful there are “gray” and outright counterfeiting of designer fabrics best names. Often denied, this is a common practice of heavily promoted “custom clothiers”. Many of the fabrics are second rate and very inferior, often costing no more than $10 a yard(a paltry sum for a decent suit).


  1. Measuring done by a designer and industry veteran
  2. Patterns constructed by a pattern maker with 40 years experience
  3. Suits cut in our workshop by a craftsman schooled in Europe decades ago
  4. All suits contain a full horse hair canvas
  5. Sleeves and collars set by hand
  6. Top notch fabrics supplied by Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Zegna.

Our Bespoke Custom Made Suits are tailored in NY. If you opt for our high end Made to measure suits, they are made in one of the best factories overseas in a very transparent manner.