Weddings, Brides and Grooms

Custom Tuxedos Hand Sewn NYC

Custom Tuxedos and Wedding Suits are a big part of our focus here at Sew Bespoke clothing.

Whether it is your own special day or you are attending as a guest, we are here to guide you through.

Even if it is not yet time to wear a tuxedo, their is nothing more satisfying than knowing that perfect garment awaits the opportunity to be shown off. No longer decline Black tie invites for lack of proper wardrobe!

What Style? We are here to help you on this. Traditional single breasted? Cutting edge double breasted?

Peak Lapel, Notch Lapel or shawl lapel?

Fabrics? There are so many. We favor faille weave for durability and ease of wear!

Satin lapel or grosgrain?

As you can see the questions to address here, Call today! 212-686-1630