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How To Care For Your Custom Bespoke Suit

This often asked question has many answers, We will try to explain fully.

In general Custom Bespoke Suits should be cleaned rarely, think along the line of once every 20 wearings.

Exceptions to the once every 20 wearings would be actual stains that cant be spot removed by you. Or a very sweaty day, which we have often here during our NYC summers.

Dry Cleaning fluid is based on formaldehyde which breaks down the fabric and robs it of its luxurious feel.

Excessive pressing will leave the fabric flat and or shiny, both undesirable.

Fabric composition plays very heavily in how rarely to clean your suit. Linens and Cottons need more pressing to get the wrinkles out but necessarily more cleaning. Wool is the most durable and easy to maintain and your best bet for most of your suits.

Buy a hand steamer! This will make your wardrobe fresher and save tons of $$ because you do need to have your dry cleaner steam your suits.

Use a spot remover such as Afta to take care of everyday stains.(follow instructions carefully)