Bespoke Tailored Suits by NY's Leading Tailor

Custom Suit Seminar Midtown NYC

Custom Suits are a hot topic these days, literally a man or woman on every corner in Manhattan is sporting the telltale traits, But is that all there is? Just the visual cues? What lies beneath the surface? Or the surface itself, meaning the fabric?

Come to Sew Bespoke Clothing for a full fact checking session and exploration of what can, or doesn’t go into a Tailored Bespoke Suit. You will be very surprised at what you will learn.

We have basted try on’s, finished garments, thousands of fabrics for suits, tuxedos, shirts, coats, raincoats. Learn the processes that determine what level of custom you are buying. Bespoke tailoring is much more than just a colored buttonhole!

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