custom made vintage style nyc jacket

Family Custom Tailored Suits Since 1947 In NYC

The Wasserberger family has been in NYC making Custom Suits, Custom Shirts, Custom Tuxedos since 1947. Before that in Berlin starting in 1930. So Yes our lineage is long, but somethings remain the same since the beginning. Yes we offer Fully Bespoke Suits, but Bespoke is a relatively new word in custom tailoring lingo, really coming into vogue in early 2000’s.

1.Quality hand made construction.

2.Family style customer service

3.Experience, is always the first word in custom tailored Suits.

4.Style, It’s in the blood. We are experts in color and pattern matching

5. Do not sell what will not look great on the client, honesty is the best policy.

We are  not part of the new breed of “custom” clothiers, using dubious factories and fabrics to produce the cheapest suits, shirts or tuxedos is  not our thing.