Spring Has Sprung Time For Custom Suits

It is that time of year, fresh is in the air and should be in your wardrobe too. The best season to add a Custom Suit  and Shirt to your wardrobe, especially if you are in NYC. The fashion and business capital of the world.

We have a vast selection of new and unseen new selections for Custom Tailored Suits, Bespoke Shirts and “Hit of The Party “Tuxedos.

Whether you choose from our “Handmade in NY Bespoke” or our “Custom Made” line we will seamlessly guide you through the process, all the while adding an educational flair to each consultation.

We have literally thousands of fabrics for each category, but fear not, we will not bombard you with a numbing selection, we will curate your viewing of fabrics to your specific tastes!

Book today by calling 212-686-1630 or use the form below.