Cheap custom suit

Truly A NYC Custom Suit?

What makes a true custom tailored suit?

Its not just selecting fabric and lining, Its being measured by a professional. A fitter that has the knowledge to recommend styles or cuts that are flattering. Someone that has encountered any and all difficulties of fit in the past AND has the skill to overcome each scenario.

It’s having the experience to convey those measurements to the cutter. To understand how a pattern responds to the numbers you write down. This is an art not a hobby.

Recommending the right fit and fabric to the client. Yes, the RIGHT, fabric…lightweight for those that run hot or strong and structured to those that work long and hard days, dishing out much abuse to their suit.

A true Custom Tailored Suit, NY style must have a full canvas front jacket, Hand finished collar, Hand sewn armholes.

Tailored in NYC, Custom Tailored or Bespoke.

Honest and only providing whats needed.

That’s us, Sew Bespoke Clothing.