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Custom Shirts- Suits NYC from New York Citys Most Experienced Fitter- Tailor.

Your shirt is a staple, casual or dressy, everyone wears one, right? Always select the top possible option to look your best. So, What is the answer? Custom Made Dress Shirts Tailored in NYC By Sew Bespoke Clothing

Sew Bespoke Clothing tailors some of the finest, best fitting and most professionally constructed Custom Made Dress Shirts in NYC. Yes that is a boastful claim, but we think you will agree after you view our shirts.

Our fabric selection for our tailored shirts is without equal. Thomas Mason, Albini and Canclini. All our style features including colored buttons or colored buttonholes are included at no charge.

Our measurement techniques are time honored. Our construction is rock solid and refined. We sew flannel shirts, Denim shirts, Corduroy shirts, Fine Pima cotton shirts, Oxford shirts, Pinpoint shirts and on and on. TUXEDO shirts are a specialty.

So if you are casual, We are for you and if you dress in suit and tie every day, we are also for you. There is no type of shirt we would not make for you.