Hand tailored custom suits NY

Custom Made Bespoke Suits In NYC

Custom Suits In NYC- Seems to be the rage these days- on every  street corner you will see men and women wearing highly styled Suits, Blazers and Shirts.

Rakishly angled jacket pockets, Colored buttonholes, Very trim cuts, High armholes, Colored under collars are just a few of the hallmarks of a custom tailored suit.

The above are obvious visual traits, but what really sets a quality custom tailored suit apart???

1. Fully canvased jacket fronts(top to bottom, no cheating allowed here, no chest pieces masquerading a full canvas)

2.Look under your jacket collar, does it look like there any hand stitches?? If yes, congratulations!

3.Feel your pants waistband for structure? If it feels strong and not flimsy, perhaps this is a canvased waistband(bravo!)

Fabric quality is too difficult to analyze online, so book an appointment today and we’d be happy to show you several levels of suit fabric from the worlds leading providers!