best custom wedding tuxedo in nyc

Whats Next – Wedding Season

Thanksgiving is gone, Black Friday is a bore, You probably already have a dandy tweed blazer for Christmas day.

Wedding Season is upon us, We are here to HELP in any and all ways. Have questions? Give us a ring(pun intended)! Need wedding theme advice? We are here for you!

Concerned we have experience in your type of wedding? We have done weddings of all types, genres and situations.  To put it plainly we would LOVE to be involved!

Locations of all types can be planned and outfitted. NYC formal? New England Traditional? Caribbean Casual? South of France elegance?

Tuxedos can be constructed of tropical weight wool for the warm blooded among us, Sturdier British worsted’s for wrinkle free durability. Velvet for dinner jackets in solid or plaids is a stunning and cool statement. White dinner jackets with tuxedo trousers always stand the test of time!

Alternatives abound…Linen in a broad selection of colors will fit the bill for warmer climate wedding destinations, There is even a new Linen that is almost wrinkle free. Last season we outfitted a wedding in Barbados with oyster colored cotton suits, paired with sky blue shirts, Converse was the footwear of choice!

Styles are almost limitless…Prefer tradition? Go with a notch lapel. Want to be a bit more flamboyant? Peak lapel may suit you. Feeling suave and sophisticated? Shawl lapel is your choice. Straight Pockets? Slanted Pockets? Come in to our showroom and we can go over ALL the options.

What is your desired fit? Like the most recent very trim look? Want to go more couture? Higher Waisted Pleated Tux Pants are seeping back into the scene!

Get the picture? Sew Bespoke Clothing awaits you and all your wedding ideas!