Best custom suits in new york city

To Tie Or Not To Tie?

In today’s world of perceived casual, Has the tie been banished? From boardrooms? Courtrooms? Hallways of power? The Streets of NYC? The answer is a resounding no. ties being in, or out of favor is cyclical, like the weather.

In our world of custom suits or shirts here in NYC, the tide rises and falls with the season and fashion whims. many of our custom suits leave our showroom to see office duty without being accessorized with a stylish or flamboyant tie. It really varies by industry and personal taste or preference.

Here at Sew Bespoke clothing ¬†we offer a stunning and broad selection of custom made ties. They are hand sewn by a tiny shop in the heart of London. Solids, Stripes, Polka dots, ¬†Floral’s and other novelty patterns. Pick your width, 3″ for a traditional tie to a 2″ for a trimmer suit and much more updated look.