Is your Suit too trim for the office?

 Yes, It’s cool, appropriate and fashion forward to wear a trim suit to the office. I’d even say it can further your business interests by showing you are up to date and in the know, and not behind the times.
 Your young colleagues may appreciate your stylish slant and you will prove you are not out of the loop just yet!
 But, Here is where it gets tricky…Overdoing it, too much of a good thing never works.
Heres your guide!
1. Is your jacket popping off your chest? If so, youve gone too far.
2. Are your sleeves dropping smoothly down your arm? (particularly over your delts)
3.Can you close the jacket button with out pulling excessively? (if you can’t that’s a no,no)
4.Your pants, Are the pockets “popping” out? (bad)
5.The pants thighs, are they trim or skin tight? (skin tight is bad)
6. How long are the pants? Style is just barely hitting the shoe, showing full ankle is not office ready!
7. And finally, ALWAYS wear socks!