Custom Made Coat -Royal Blue


Custom Made Coats since the turn of last century! We feature every and all types of fabric for your Custom Made Coat. We feature fabric from W Bill, Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Harrisons and many more. Cashmere, Cashmere blends, Twills, Calvary Twills, Lambswool, Loro Piana Storm System. The style you choose is limitless, single breasted, double breasted, peak lapel, notch lapel, quilted lining, stunning bright linings. ALWAYS REMEMBER COAT LINING IS NOT THE SAME AS SUIT LINING, ITS SUPPOSED TO BE HEAVIER AND MORE INSULATING.

We have been making custom made overcoats since Harry Wasserberger opened his first shop in Berlin Germany in the early 1900’s. Slick marketing and photos does not replace tailoring know how. Measuring for a coat is much than measuring for a suit and we have done this thousands of times.

We make the most beautiful Pea coats and Military coats, they can be quite fashionable and are currently enjoying a renaissance.

Top Coats are not the same as over coats, they are meant to be “in between” coats for when the weather is not yet cold enough for a very heavy over coat.

Formal coats are the “king” of coats, they are meant to be the mans equivalent of a mink coat for a lady and preferably constructed of high end pure cashmere.

See you soon!


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